Uff, this wasn't easy at all, but we're getting there. Now we need to implement handling multiple previews and control each file name.

The export area feature is slowly getting there.
A preview of the highlighted area will be visible in the export dialog.
This will be extremely handy to quickly export mock-up previews of specific areas without the necessity of creating slices or custom artboards.

I've been using Akira to build some low fidelity wireframes purely for testing purposes.
The app is still pretty rough, lacking some basic features like object duplication, undo/redo, and proximity snapping, but for what it's worth, it's a pretty good alpha.

We finally fixed a pretty annoying translation issue that wasn't allowing items to respect the native canvas coordinates.
A sweet PR is currently under review: github.com/akiraux/Akira/pull/

Remember the lock and flip state of a shape in the transform panel.
Akira is getting smarter and smarter at every PR.

Working on that sweet border radius feature.
Onto adding auto-scale radius and non-uniform corners.

Hey, look at me, I handle colours like an adult now.

Nothing is impossible, it just takes time and effort.
2020 will be awesome!

Default settings for shapes fill colour and border are ready to land on master.

Just merged into master.
Progressive nobs, which move away when the object shrinks, making it super easy to grab and resize small objects without zooming in.
@albfan is a real wizard!

The Akira dark mode is looking sexier every day 😍

The marvellous @albfanjul stepped on the accelerator over the weekend and created some outstanding PRs.
Check out these WIPs for binding canvas items to z-index ordering, transform panel, and color fillings.

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