A PR replacing our Gtk.Entry fields in favour of Gtk.SpinButton fields to improve accessibility is currently under review.
What do you guys think?

Hi @akiraux , great work of yours 🙌.

I don't like much the small +/- buttons. I'd prefer the AfterEffects-like "invisible wheel", which, pressing the field and dragging up increases the value and decreases It while dragging down

We have something like that in place. You can click and drag on the field label (W, H, X, etc) to increase and decrease.
I'm not a fan of those + and - buttons either, but that's standard GTK and it comes with a lot of accessibility benefits.
We'll probably try to improve those upstream

I'm not the typical user of the software you are working on, but what I think is that you seem to want to communicate with users and this is very cool.
Great work. Keep going, you are doing something good.

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