Do you want to help Akira happen?
No matter if you're a developer, a designer, or just someone that really wants this tool on Linux, you can help the project by keeping the conversation going.
Head over to GitHub and tell us what you want!

@akiraux I love every part of this toot! Except the one that says: "Head over to Microsoft and tell us what you want!"

… I'm sorry I won't open up a Microsoft account. 😑

#GithubIsMicrosoft #freesoftware

@mray @akiraux Not sure why open source projects don't use Gitlab instead?

We have our project set up with some convenient automation and tools, and the amount of contributors and exposure is a bit higher on GitHub.
With that said, once we push a first stable release, we'll take a look at transitioning to Gitlab if it makes sense.


You know, on a Fediverse where more people know the other Akira than your (promising) software, beginning your toot by "do you want to help Akira happen?" may not bring the feelings you want to bring in your audience's mind...

@akiraux The last time I tried having a look at Akira myself, dev branch was unbuildable, and I was basically told by a contributor to use a flatpak manifest instead, whatever that means. I wish you well regardless, but I'm still not eager spending time trying to build it again :)

@prokoudine thanks for trying Akira, and I'm sorry for your bad experience, we're not really good with customer support yet :P
You can try loading the repo inside Gnome Builder and run it from within it. The flatpak manifest should build it for you automatically inside Gnome Builder, and install all the dependencies for you.

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