Hi everyone, my name is Akira, I'm a really young app with big dreams and a few more months before starting to walk alone.
I'm extremely excited to be here and I'm looking forward to working with you every day and design awesome stuff!

@akiraux Welcome!
I'm a FOSS UX designer and therefore really looking forward to your first release!
We need good FOSS alternatives to free UX designers from Sketch's stranglehold on the industry.

@mmu_man @akiraux
because it's build targeting elementary os 🤔

And because QT looks awful :blobpeek:

@daycode @akiraux well Qt might look awful, but GTK actually is, I mean, object in plain C… ugh 🤢

@daycode @akiraux yeah I guess I'll never port it to Haiku then…

@mmu_man @akiraux
I mean in the design point of view, not the code 😉

Nice! Hope you the best and to get some eye candy of the project

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