The Akira dark mode is looking sexier every day 馃槏

Tune in next Sunday for our first ever Development Vlog! Canvas updates, new features, WIP patches, and more.
Write us your questions and we will answer them live.

The marvellous @albfanjul stepped on the accelerator over the weekend and created some outstanding PRs.
Check out these WIPs for binding canvas items to z-index ordering, transform panel, and color fillings.

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Wow. I've only now found out about @akiraux

I really hope this project will see the light, there's a huge need of #FOSS #design tools!

Here's a link to an article about it:

How should input fields behave? Let us know how you'd like to get this implemented:

I'm thinking about doing a live streaming coding session for Akira.
Who wants to see some code and actual progress?

How a UI can drastically improve with a few tweaks. Here's a sequence between the mock-up, first PR received, and our final revision.
Attention to details brings clarity and improves usability. It's not just a "useless but pretty coating" (actual sentence someone told me)

The super talented @albfan is working hard on the canvas. If you want to take a look and give us a hand figuring out the latest quirks related to rotating and scaling, checkout this WIP PR:

Well, that was a quiet month 馃槵
Now that seasonal sickness, hardware breakages, and traveling plans seem to be gone, we're ready to get back on developing this beauty.
7 PRs awaiting to be merged, with massive improvements to the UI and the canvas library.
More news to come!

Hi everyone, my name is Akira, I'm a really young app with big dreams and a few more months before starting to walk alone.
I'm extremely excited to be here and I'm looking forward to working with you every day and design awesome stuff!


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