We finally fixed a pretty annoying translation issue that wasn't allowing items to respect the native canvas coordinates.
A sweet PR is currently under review:

Who likes a nice math challenge?
Account for rotation while translating a rotated object to respect global coordinates and ignore object's coordinates.

A PR replacing our Gtk.Entry fields in favour of Gtk.SpinButton fields to improve accessibility is currently under review.
What do you guys think?

Remember the lock and flip state of a shape in the transform panel.
Akira is getting smarter and smarter at every PR.

Super duper important features currently in development:
- Re-enable the layers panel and connect z-index to items order.
- Implement the uneven border radii with a custom goocanvas library loaded from a git submodule.
- Implement lock resize ratio when holding the CTRL key.

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Working on that sweet border radius feature.
Onto adding auto-scale radius and non-uniform corners.

Hey, look at me, I handle colours like an adult now.

Oh boy, 5 big Pull Requests merged in the last 2 days. Things are moving fast, stay tuned for the upcoming Live Development Session.

A pretty substantial architectural change just landed on master.
With the canvas file growing exponentially at every feature addition, we needed to implement some heavy housekeeping and reordering in order to split the file into smaller files.
Many things are broken now, but don't worry, everything is getting reworked with a more modular and scalable approach.

Moving along, we will implement simple tests to stress the core areas of the application, and thanks to xvfb, we're able to run all these tests headless in the GitHub CI at every push or pull request.
We're nerding out so much!

The more we extend and build on top of GooCanvas, the more we're impressed by its speed and stability.
We just completed writing a simple test which generates 1000 items in the Canvas, and quickly loops through them updating the colour fill.
It only takes 10 seconds to run.

Nothing is impossible, it just takes time and effort.
2020 will be awesome!

Thanks to the awesome Giacomoalbe, now you can smooth scroll the entire canvas, which is whopping 10K by 10K, as well as drag it around by holding spacebar+click or the middle mouse button.
Soooo smooth.

Also, if you're wondering how far is a first alpha release of Akira, you can track our progress and missing features from here:

Hey folks, Alex here, just a quick heads up that I will be working on Akira full time for the first 3 weeks of January, so expect more updates and news.
Meanwhile, some much needed improvements and fixes are on their way:

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Conflicted between:
1) wanting to use only #FOSS in my open source design job.
2) realising that Figma is pretty good and that using it would probably result in better designed open source software.

I think there will be some compromise, at least until the good people at @akiraux release their alpha.

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