Little zoom widget improvements by allowing to reveal an input field for manual writing the zoom value.

Akira 0.0.14 is out in the Flathub beta channel with a gazillion new features and improvements.
We're still looking for a snap developer willing to help us out fixing a couple of quirks.
Share the love 😘

I (@alecaddd) proposed Akira for the elementary Developer Weekend.
Feel free to upvote it if you're interested, and let me know what would you like to hear during the presentation.

So many improvements to the canvas landed on master.
Incredibly fast and smart snapping.
Infinite resizing with natural flipping.
Resize from center point by holding SHIFT.

The feature I coded today during the live streaming is already available on master for anyone to try.
I love open source!

What about a live streaming in a couple of hours to showcase the progress on multi selection, and code together something?

Progress on the multi selection feature.
Baby steps...

I'm starting to work on multi items selection and grouping...wish me luck 😬

More improvements to the snapping guidelines are coming in, as well as the ability to customize the color of the guides.
Tagging @lordofallcubes once again here because he's a wizard and he's making gold from nothing.

What about the location of the color picker?
Better how is positioned in the Fills widget or the Borders widget?

Meanwhile, @lordofallcubes is using dark magic to implement smart snapping and guides.

A little WIP of the support for multiple colors in a single shape. Still a bit buggy, but it's getting there.

Pixel color customization FTW!
Sorry for the crappy grid quality, gif compression is bad.

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Akira è un'applicazione di design nativa per Linux. Akira si concentra sull'offerta di un approccio moderno e veloce all'UI e UX Design, rivolgendosi principalmente a web designer e graphic designer.

➡️ @akiraux

Akira è rivolto a web designer e graphic designer, ed è attualmente in alpha testing.
Il progetto lo potete trovare qua:

#Akira #UI #UX #Interfaccia #Design #WebDesign #Software #Dev #FOSS #FLOSS #opensource

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Akira is an upcoming free open source UI/UX design tool for Linux. You can follow the project at:

➡️ @akiraux

Akira is aimed at web designers and graphic designers, and is currently in alpha testing. You can find out more at

#Akira #UI #UX #Interface #Design #WebDesign #Software #Development #Dev #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #Tools #Productivity

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