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Conflicted between:
1) wanting to use only #FOSS in my open source design job.
2) realising that Figma is pretty good and that using it would probably result in better designed open source software.

I think there will be some compromise, at least until the good people at @akiraux release their alpha.

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Hi @akiraux we just donated ~1000 € to support the project through @Liberapay

Keep up the good work! 👍

Currently working on shortcuts for zooming and panning the canvas.
Ctrl+Scroll to zoom, keeping the pivot on the cursor location.
Middle Click and drag, as well as Spacebar and drag, to pan.
What are you guys working on?

Default settings for shapes fill colour and border are ready to land on master.

We don't want to give anyone false hopes, but hey, Akira is looking pretty solid lately so we decided to write down a list of must-have features for our very first alpha release.
Check it out: github.com/akiraux/Akira/issue
No dates have been decided yet 😅

So many improvements recently landed in the master branch I think it's almost time for another live Vlog.

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Inkscape 1.0 beta 1 just landed in the Snap Store edge channel! Grab the latest build of the world's favorite Open Source vector drawing app today. Faster, smaller, better. Take it for a spin today!

snap install inkscape --edge


Do you want to help Akira happen?
No matter if you're a developer, a designer, or just someone that really wants this tool on Linux, you can help the project by keeping the conversation going.
Head over to GitHub and tell us what you want!

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@akiraux that's great! Here's the site to give you a brief explanation joinpeertube.org/en/ and near the bottom is a list of servers that you can join. Right now it seems that open.tube/ has unlimited upload quota. Feel free to ask more questions as you go:) The upload works how you would expect to do it on youtube. I can't promise you'd have a tonne of views there but the opensource/linux crowd will appreciate it:)

Just merged into master.
Progressive nobs, which move away when the object shrinks, making it super easy to grab and resize small objects without zooming in.
@albfan is a real wizard!

Oh boy, that was one hell of a hiatus.
Time to get back to work!

The Akira dark mode is looking sexier every day 😍

Tune in next Sunday for our first ever Development Vlog! Canvas updates, new features, WIP patches, and more.
Write us your questions and we will answer them live.

The marvellous @albfanjul stepped on the accelerator over the weekend and created some outstanding PRs.
Check out these WIPs for binding canvas items to z-index ordering, transform panel, and color fillings.

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Wow. I've only now found out about @akiraux

I really hope this project will see the light, there's a huge need of #FOSS #design tools!

Here's a link to an article about it:


How should input fields behave? Let us know how you'd like to get this implemented:

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