Working on adding faster fills and borders panels in the new version of Akira. Using a factory function to recycle existing widgets is fun.

The new version of Akira is shaping up to be around 30x faster than what it's currently released (yup, you read it correctly), with a much more modular and reliable architecture, and a plethora a features to finally make it usable for small projects.
After that release, I need to start considering its future, and how much time and money I want to invest in it, and how to properly fund it.
Just kicking off the conversation to gather what you all think.

CTRL+Click on an item part of a multiselection to set the anchor point for any future transformation.
Here is an example of how the "Align at Center" options uses the anchor point instead of the actual center of the selection.

Previewing which items will be selected when dragging selection is now on the main branch.
Coming soon to the first beta release of Akira.

We just merged a massive layers improvements PR and the quick alignment features in the main branch.
Slowly getting closer to that beta release.

Help us define the workflow and approach to Path editing, to guarantee intuitive commands and familiar behaviour.

Thinking about doing another live streaming this weekend.
Anything in particular you'd like to see or code together?

Apologies for the lack of updates, but I've been working hard on bringing the new version of Akira at features parity with what has been released so far.
Long story short, we rebuilt it from scratch in order to create a lean, scalable, and future proof architecture.
More info in the coming weeks.

From generating 1000 items in 0.3s with GtkListBox, to just 0.05s with a custom virtualized listbox widget.
That's a decent speed improvement 🚀

Who's attending the Akira GUADEC workshop tomorrow?

Version 0.0.15 of Akira (alpha) is out now on the Flathub beta channel!

Little zoom widget improvements by allowing to reveal an input field for manual writing the zoom value.

Akira 0.0.14 is out in the Flathub beta channel with a gazillion new features and improvements.
We're still looking for a snap developer willing to help us out fixing a couple of quirks.
Share the love 😘

I (@alecaddd) proposed Akira for the elementary Developer Weekend.
Feel free to upvote it if you're interested, and let me know what would you like to hear during the presentation.

So many improvements to the canvas landed on master.
Incredibly fast and smart snapping.
Infinite resizing with natural flipping.
Resize from center point by holding SHIFT.

The feature I coded today during the live streaming is already available on master for anyone to try.
I love open source!

What about a live streaming in a couple of hours to showcase the progress on multi selection, and code together something?

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