I've been looking at a lot of decentralization projects for the web (Safe Network, Solid, and so forth) and trying to figure out what a Learning Management System would look like on these platforms. There are folks working on decentralized versions of the big tech platforms, but any one out there working in the edtech space?

Get the kids on the decentralized web and they won't want to go back to big brother watching them?

@ajr I led the MoodleNet project until May this year which is/was the world's first federated social network for educators:

@dajbelshaw Thanks! Indeed, I should have mentioned MoodleNet explicitly in there. It was one of those projects that has me thinking a lot about how federated networks might model certain kinds of interactions that LMS-es frequently mediate.
My understanding was that moodlenet was primarily for educators using moodle. I suppose I'm thinking about the student-facing side of things and student/teacher interactions. Are there things in the works for moodle in that direction?

@ajr I don't think so, but I haven't spoken to anyone from Moodle since May 😉

@ajr @dajbelshaw

We've got things in the works looking at it from the learners perspective (self directed and peer learning) at

@stragu @ajr I'm not sure about the current status of the project. I quit, then the entire team quit.

@dajbelshaw @ajr oh no, that’s such a shame about the project stalling. But I hope it was for the best for you and colleagues.

@stragu @ajr Thanks - I wouldn't call it a 'stalling', we quit for reasons I can't go into publicly...

@ajr #moodle is actually developing an ActivityPub supported federated solution called MoodleNet: Bit ironic though that they still don’t have a #fediverse presence…

@ajr FYI - At OERu were implementing a distributed FOSS ecosystem as our learning "platform" You can find more info here:

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