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Given the influx of people to the realm of ActivityPub-based services here's a wee little :

- Working with my hands makes me happy (woodworking, knitting/spinning, playing multiple stringed instruments, and more)
- Learning new things makes me tick
- I have a strong preference for open systems, designs, and source... and not just for computers.
- The Year of Linux On The Desktop was 2001, for me.

Memorial Day 

Remember that the upcoming long weekend is only a thing because war exists, and many who go to fight do not come home alive. Those of us who fought, and came home, generally remember every moment of every day. Many carry survivor's guilt. Few can afford appropriate therapy.

Consider that before telling a veteran "Happy Memorial Day".


The engineer formerly known as SGT Martinez (US Army, Infantry).

So what FOSS security camera solutions are there? On prem storage only, I don’t need or want any cloud crap.

While I'm sure isn't alone in this regard I really appreciate how easy it has been for me to upgrade my projects when dependencies have breaking changes. People seem to take deprecation notices seriously, and I need look no further than rust-analyzer's output in Emacs to know what I need to do.

When doing the same in there is usually a lot of profanity involved, and more time in a browser than I care for.

Another flight in the books. Skills are building on each other pretty quickly. Grateful I can afford to get in the air this frequently, as I tend to learn best when I’m doing the thing repeatedly.

The sun did indeed burn off the clouds, and let me get some more flight time in today. Hoping for the same tomorrow.

The weather turned my original block of flight time into ground school this morning, but the Sun is seldom ignored in Texas and will likely burn off the clouds in the afternoon so I get in my flight hours too.

Heading up to DFW for a cousin’s wedding this weekend, and leaving the laptop behind. Of course one does still need the capacity to deploy security patched (you are all maintaining your personal cloud infra, right?), so I’m bringing my along so I can boot a secure device, access my VPN, and login to all of my personal infra with hardware backed keys. My backpack is much lighter! Not mad about it at all.

It’s done. Work laptop shut down. Sent the last of my Euros to my team, and put a work item on the board to have a drink on me as my final act. Prio 1.

Vacation mode: ENGAGED

About to have my final meeting at my current job, a farewell with the CTO. The major project I was assigned to initially manage, but ultimately ended up fully developing, hit the final milestone two days ago. Migration is chugging along with almost 6000 devices onboard. The infrastructure is running silky smooth, and the instrumentation has identified the embedded issues encountered in the .2% of attempts that failed the first time. Leaving on a high note, and having learned a lot.

A pretty good rundown of the myriad ways in which blockchain and everything related to it is a dangerous tire fire that never should have happened:

Love to see issues closed despite none of the acceptance criteria having been met. Top effort! Chase that velocity. Make that release! Tests!? assert(true) and .

Signed in to a Live Site Incident of the legacy system that was deprecated 18mo ago burning itself down. It’s going to be a fun last week…

It’s the final countdown!

Last week at this job, then two weeks off before I start the next.

FWIW every time I hear that song I’m transported back to the mid-90s in Malaysia where TV Tiga (channel 3) used it as their background music for pretty much everything.

Does anyone else do that? Associate times and places with specific songs?

Watching the eclipse and wondering what it is people have so much trouble understanding about systemd.

Tomorrow, I start my last week on the manufacturer’s side of the EV charging infrastructure world. I’ll be going back to the operating network side. Industry standards are severely lacking, and I aim to improve them in a free and open way.

In completely unrelated news, I will also likely start flight training for my private pilot’s license tomorrow too.

It’s 11:11 somewhere, and my wish is for VPN to mean Virtual Private Network again, and not some mystical beast you cast into the vast series of tubes that creates Security and Privacy from thin air.

After and other recent and extraordinary vulnerabilities revealed since then, I really wonder what CVE Santa is bringing us this year!

If you’ve wasted electricity on fake money and suddenly want to put all that compute power to something of actual value… consider folding@home

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