If you were to share a link with some average non-technical Joes, but they do not use , no ad-blockers, and this website doesn't respect user's privacy (with a lot of trackers), what would be the best way to send this link?

- Archive it on the wayback machine and send this link
- Save the article as a PDF and host somewhere, and send the link of the PDF (good but too much work)
- Copy the article text and use some pastebin alternative and send this link (no images in this case)
- Other

If you were to buy a new phone to de-Google it, but you don’t have a phone to buy in your country, which brand and model you’d go with?

Here I’m basically stuck with , and .

Trying to find a decent phone to run maybe… I want to get rid of my .

Does anyone know a to-do/checklist app for that respects user’s ? The built in Notes and Reminders I don’t like them

@kevyn yo, your song “floating” is amazing, it’s my kind o jam 😎, also “satellite” is great ❤️

I bought a new for me to read PDFs, but I hate the aspect of it. So what I did was to turn it on, and on the first time set up, it required me to connect to a Wi-Fi to link my account. I tried everything but you can’t skip this process. Luckily, I turned it off the device, and when I turned it on again, it just skipped to the initial set up and went to the Home Screen. At least now I can use it in airplane mode forever without my account and upload PDFs via USB 😅

This makes me so happy, I'm not a developer, so I can't help make @torproject code better, but knowing that I'm helping someone circumvent somewhere in our little planet, it's already enough for me ❤️

If you want to know what @torproject has accomplished in 2021 and what are their plans for 2022, join their YouTube live, it will start in 20 minutes:

🔗 : youtube.com/watch?v=mNhIjtXuVz

Off-Topic (Anime) 

I have watched all Ghost in the Shell some years ago, all movies, anime series, everything. I think it's time to watch it all over again. It's my favorite of all time, I really wish more people could give it a try and watch it, because for me, in my humble opinion, it's a masterpiece.

I didn't know about at all, today I discovered this protocol, and it gives me so much nostalgia, it feels so good to read articles and websites in a Gemini terminal browser, like the good and old days of the internet: simple and direct to the point, no ads, annoyances, etc. :ablobcatheart:

is such an amazing VM distro for , they have a page showing their advantages[1] and a comparison[2] page featuring , Tor Browser and , it’s worth checking it out ☺️

[1]: whonix.org/wiki/Features
[2]: whonix.org/wiki/Comparison_wit

I had almost all major social networks in the past: , , etc. It’s been years since I deleted all of them (technically I deleted my FB on 2016, but my current employer created profiles for us on FB Workplace, but I don’t use that crap). is the first social network I never had an account on, and I’ll never have. I’m happy that I’ll also never have , no matter how my friends think I’m weird, I’m not touching that bs.

Is there any website that I can sign up my email, or maybe give me an RSS feed, so I can know when new seasons of my favorite TV series will start?

For example, in my case, I want to be notified when the new season of "The Expanse" and "Start Trek: Discovery" will start, but without the need to install any app on my phone.

Yeah now, for some reason, fedora is slow as hell, like, system is on 2FPS, not sure what happened … maybe is a solid distro to work, but for gaming, in my case I had a bad experience … downloading now to give it a try

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Hmm on is not working correctly, the screen remains black, but if I press super key, I can see the game working. I could change to window mode, and now I can see the game, but the fps is crap in window mode, around 25, while full screen is more than 100 … will try to find a solution online, I only see this on fedora, did not happen ... it was too good to be true, I knew I'd have an issue soon or later lol

Ok, set up, installed and league of legends installed, time to test it and check the performance… let’s play a game, get defeated by 12 years old kids while they spam in the chat what they did to my mom last night.

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