#Lagrange v1.6.3:


I continued improving text input fields, and fixed a long-standing issue with delayed refresh after activating split view mode. Also fixed a possible hang if server doesn't respond before the connection is closed.

Built with SDL 2.0.16 for Windows and Mac.



@jk App has been unusable on PinePhone since v1.6.2. Scaling for mobile screen stopped working. Any chance of a fix?

@ainent What is the most recent version that did work for you?

@ainent I don't recall anything changing in v1.6.2 that would affect scaling...

Maybe it would help to override the DPI value Lagrange uses to determine UI size. If you can set environment variables when launching the app, you could try setting `LAGRANGE_OVERRIDE_DPI=200`, for example.

@jk That does change it, but still the view isn’t scaling to be usable. I tried a few values, from 30 all the way up to 500.

Also forgot to mention that it crashes when going to landscape mode… unless I give it a tiny DPI, like 30. Even then, still unworkable.


> the view isn't scaling to be usable

Could you elaborate on this, please? Is it too small or large? Taps not registering at the right place? (Screenshot?)

@jk I should’ve started with screenshots, my bad. Taps seem to register fine either way, with what I can tap.

Normal launch (1/2):

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