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New to this server, so time for .

I’m an iOS dev by day, enthusiast by night. I enjoy , , , foreign and .

I speak:

- English (native)
- Español [Spanish] (intermediate)
- Русский язык [Russian] (beginner)

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Respect for life takes a step forward in USA.

It is now up to the states, and the voters, to decide, rather than unelected Supreme Court justices.

#roevwade #scotus #dobbsvjackson #life #abortion

A long overdue day of justice in America!

@jk Thoughts on click-drag to re-arrange Lagrange tabs? Or pinned tabs?

Hey there @jk,

About my gemlog post on Lagrange and bloat. From your response, I don't think you took it personally or insultingly, but it seems that others may have taken it that way? Regardless, I want to clarify: I meant no personal or professional insults towards you or the app. I was just trying to start a constructive conversation.

If you'd prefer, I can do a longer gemlog post to clarify.

Thank you for the thoughtful gemlog reply, and thanks for an awesome product.

- ainent

Ugh, I have no patience for low IQ people, just not worth the time. In an attempt to debunk me, you have simply proven yourself to be a fascist.

By censoring my posts, you have only proven my point.

@jk Hi, I read your most recent post and I couldn't help but notice that you said there's no way to sync data across devices. I have been using Nextcloud to sync Lagrange's data for a year now. :) Just point the sync client to the data directory, and it works.

Also, while I do love the app, it's quite buggy and unstable on mobile Linux (PinePhone, Librem 5) -- crashes, touch oddities on launch, menu bar. Is there a way you could get a PinePhone to use as a test device?


Anyone know if there is an archive, git repo, etc. for gemini:// I'd thought I'd run into one in the past, but didn't save it and can't find it now.

Check out my capsule at gemini://

It's running on a brand new AGPL server implementation!

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"All kidding aside, President Harris is a proud (inaudible)" -Great leader Let's Go Brandon at South Carolina State University's 2021 Fall Commencement Ceremony, December, 2021.

Apparently I accidentally boosted something the other day with which I disagree. Buggy client, or scrolling while dozing?

@derek Hey DT, is your Gemini capsule still maintained? I've been unable to access it (TLS errors) for a while now.

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That feeling when you reach out for support with some software and the guy who wrote it helps you out.

It's such a thing. With commercial software you end up talking to a chat bot and getting referred to a help page from their wiki that you've already read.

@jk Interestingly, scrolling within the settings screens does work (though only even necessary to do so in landscape).

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@jk Hello, thank you for the awesome app! On v1.7.3 on the Pinephone, scrolling is no longer possible, unless you drag the scroll indicator up/down. Tapping links within pages also doesn't work. The UI scaling now works again, though!

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At this point all of the unvaccinated people have chosen to be that way. We don't give a fuck Joe.

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LBRY is going to be so, so big.


Just heard a "disinformation reporter" on NPR report that the "crisis" could take 50 years to resolve, and require a "total redesign" of the internet because "information moves too freely."


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