Our freedom of speech is in danger. Corporatization of social media is a terrible step towards death of all free speech. Join the Campaign.

@brandon I do as I need. I am not professional designer but I have done many works

@faysal welcome to . I am trying to talk about mastodon as much as I can. People need to know more about it and its revolutionary approach to social networking.

It is crucial not just for peole living in conflict zones like but for all everyone.

Be in touch. we need to lift this platform up for people who care about having control over their data and contents and in general, their computation.

You may look at this toot of mine: (...)

It is amazing to see has released its password manager app called but where is the link to ?

has been accused of bowing to Indian censorship and suppressing freedom of speech in .

Almost 100 accounts were also made inaccessible to locals in the last two years, spurring claims that Twitter is contradicting the very values it purports to uphold. Since August of 2017, over 920,000 tweets that referenced Kashmir were removed.


Start migration to a freedom respecting solution such as .

@thahajemni @torproject
I am not sure this be the case. On my phone, tor browser can connect. I can also connect to tor on laptop. I only have problem with orbot. Same bridges I use for both phone and laptop, but orbot doesnt connect at all. It does'nt progress at all

@torproject it is for few month I cannot connect to network using (in Iran). I try different ways including new bridges but according the log, it doesnt go ahead more than loading configuration.

Any idea?

Time to update: Tor Browser 9.0, based on Firefox 68 ESR, is out now.

In addition to the needed patch rebasing and toolchain updates, we made big improvements to make Tor Browser work better for you.

Tor Browser is now available in 27 different languages -- including newly added Macedonian and Romanian.

I have uploaded several community videos on archive.org website. But since their title ans description are in , they need support to be rendered on the page properly.

I have contacted them in different ways. I expressed my interest in helping with the solution. But i haven't received any reaponse from them for months.

Any idea or auggestion?

Can I have vector version of your sticker and tshirt graphic to print myself. I am from Iran and there is no way to make online payment to get them.

Friends don’t let #friends get spied on, let’s help them leave #BigTech’s “free” services and save them from tracking, spying, data sharing and #advertising. librem.one #privacy #security

The California Consumer Privacy Act - "Purism has worked tirelessly and dedicated substantial staff resources to help create one of the strongest privacy laws in the nation"
puri.sm/posts/the-california-c #purism #privacy #dataprotection

I am seriously blown away by how much of the @gnome software works on the smaller, touch-centric screen of the #Librem5.

The work of the GNOME team, the @purism crew, and so many independent developers that are making this happen... truly impressive.

All of you rule.

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In we are suffering from two fronts: "third world"y Iranian state that filters and the "first world"y state that sanctions.
Many websites and servises are not accessible without proxy and in some cases, just for being Iranian, we cannot use their services.

This situation shows that how cooperation of states and proprietary software owners can be against humanity and why we should avoid proprietary solutions.

Migrate and contribute to ASAP

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