It is amazing to see has released its password manager app called but where is the link to ?

has been accused of bowing to Indian censorship and suppressing freedom of speech in .

Almost 100 accounts were also made inaccessible to locals in the last two years, spurring claims that Twitter is contradicting the very values it purports to uphold. Since August of 2017, over 920,000 tweets that referenced Kashmir were removed.

Start migration to a freedom respecting solution such as .

Can I have vector version of your sticker and tshirt graphic to print myself. I am from Iran and there is no way to make online payment to get them.

If you want to migrate from After Effect for something that respect (not insult) your freedom, have a look on project.

Natron is a Free and Compositing Software For and Motion Graphics. It is available for GNU/Linux, Windows and macOS.

You may find a list of solutions for doing graphics and photo editing to replace the proprietary products of with.

Respect your freedom
& Save your ass ASAP

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In last few days that I have been more active in , I've found much better than its proprietary alternatives such as transifex or crowdin. It have better and cleaner UI, and also its Search & Replace feature is very much handy.

It was funny for me to see crowdin expects me to add Latin question mark in Persian! How is that possible?


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