@fedilab has amazing features but its layout has several issue when it comes to RTL.

Any plan to tackle this issue?

is an android client for which is a

Once I tried work on it (If i am not confusing it with some other app). But I couldnt feagure out some part of the layout. Maybe I should try again sometime

@ahangarha You can try. Actually, I'm not an Android dev. but may be the issue is related with the use of paddindLeft/paddingRight instead of paddingStart/paddingEnd, I guess.


@ButterflyOfFire @fedilab I am not Android dev either. But i have contributed to RTL support improvement on several project including Tusky, Omni Notes, etc.

Using start and end for padding is the right thing. That is what mostly missing.

@ahangarha Yeah, I saw/found your contributions 👍👏 Good job :)


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