Earlier, Iranian along with people from Syria, Sudan, N.Korea and Cuba suffered from . today, people in Venezuela lost their access to products. What would be the next?

Avoid proprietary solutions (either as software or service) if you don't want to be digitally insulted.

More and more we can see that software freedom is not an option but a necessity. Take this serious.

@ahangarha this does affect the open source community too. FreeBSD had to suspend accounts for developers from Iran due to Bush sanctions.

@feld what was the response of free and open source software to this? Neither , or the community reacted to this.

That incident was just an alert to us. And we failed. I tried what I could, but no one stood by me.

@ahangarha FreeBSD Foundation lawyers advised the core team on this issue. There's not much you can do against sanctions.

@feld my point is not about this inhuman sanction, against which we could raise our voice at least) I say at first step, we community, should not use proprietary platform () for development and contribution. The next step is to have federated git platforms so that no platform can have monopoly in the field and impose its unjust power.

Not just git repo, but also solutions for translating projects,...

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