KDE's Plasma 5.17 just landed! Check out the new smart notification system, improved and expanded System Settings, increased usability and gestures and much more!


I never would have anticipated that @pixelfed would have grown to what it is today.

This shoutout from Cambodia made me tear up, I'm so happy that I can make a difference in the fediverse!

Oooh, @thepine64@twitter.com PinePhone ❤️ @ubuconEurope@twitter.com "Ubuntu Touch will be on Pinephone" #UbuconEU19

Tutorial: Build a simple chat app with Site.js

I want to take you step-by-step through building and running a basic chat app using Site.js. It’s much easier than you think, so fire up a terminal window, grab your code editor, and let’s get started!



This is just a thought but I think I will learn Natron!
I think with #Natron I can fill my motion graphics needs quicker than with #Blender. The good news is that it is packed in #PopOS directly by #System76.
Let me see if I can achieve quickly what I usually do with another well known closed software...
For the ones that don't know Natron, check the website out to see how cool it is:
#opensource #freesoftware #motiongraphics #foss #floss social.isurf.ca/display/c443a5

Today is the International Day Against #idad

Join us today to speak with your friends, family, and others about the dangers of digital restrictions management (#DRM) fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201910 #FreeSoftware #softwarefreedom

For the #IDAD @kattascha and I talked with Cory Doctorow in @fsfe 's new software freedom podcast about #ebooks with with #DRM, making money as an artist, #security implications of #DRM, regulation of the "#IoT", ...


#softwarefreedom #freesoftware #podcast #nt

RT @fsfe@twitter.com

Software Freedom Podcast #1 on Day Against #DRM with Cory @doctorow@twitter.com. Topics: #ebooks with with DRM, making money as an artist without DRM, #security implications, and regulation of the "#IoT": fsfe.org/news/podcast/episode-

#IDAD #softwarefreedom #podcast #freesoftware

🐦🔗: twitter.com/fsfe/status/118294

#Sengi 0.18.0 is out! 🎉

It's a minor version to fix things! Firefox users should now have a nice experience, auto-completion should behave more resiliently, etc.

Also, there is some work done to support properly #Pixelfed accounts. There is still some APIs missing so it wont be fully functional, but feel free to test it if you're a bit adventurous!

SECURITY! #Pleroma and #Pixelfed are doing things the right way, and #Sengi is now renewing access_tokens for those providers.

#Sengi 0.18.1 is out!
It's a patch to support bidirectional text (huge thanks to @ahangarha for this one!), fix auto-suggest when emoji are present, and fix the GoToTop functionality on #Firefox that was still broken in some cases...

#client #app #dev

We are happy to announce we have a new sponsor!

@support provides managed Pixelfed hosting, app.spacebear.ee/


If you want to migrate from After Effect for something that respect (not insult) your freedom, have a look on project.

Natron is a Free and Compositing Software For and Motion Graphics. It is available for GNU/Linux, Windows and macOS.


Free/Open Source software (FOSS) is getting a boost from the #Trump regime’s policies, not only in #China but also in Latin America

http://techrights.org/2019/10/09/venezuelan-ban/ #latam #freesw #adobe

I feel like this sounds like a very good idea for Mastodon to implement

@fedilab has amazing features but its layout has several issue when it comes to RTL.

Any plan to tackle this issue?

is an android client for which is a

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