Linus Torvalds - actually mean to people, said “your mother should have aborted you” to a contributor, took “some time off to become a better person” for 1 week before continuing again as kernel maintainer, nobody bothers him anymore.

Richard Stallman - nice to everyone. Challenges people’s viewpoints. Stepped down for 2 years from the organization he founded after people asked him to. Continues to be harassed and treated like shit by the people who benefited from his work.


It's intended for those whose number one goal is privacy; security and user freedom. If those things aren't your goals then I understand why it appears sub par. You may also understand for those whose those are our top goals then 99% of other phones are sub par to us regardless of specs.


The A12 doesn't have a removable battery. That may not seem like a big deal but it goes back to what I said about user freedom. The CPU/GPU may also prove to be an issue as it may require binary blobs or lack mainline support. Say what one will about the Pinephone's specs but it's CPU and GPU has very good Linux support. I would be interested to see what someone like the Ubuntu Touch team would have to say about if it would be easy to get the A12 supported.

Do you still actively post on Facebook? I looked today via someone else's account, and it's sad... just unanswered birthday wishes on their friends' walls. One person had at least answered the wishes they got.

#facebook #poll

"Bravo America! I hope you're happy getting back $600 of the money they took from you."

- #TimPool

Tis the Season
to read about The Elves & the Shoemaker an original Grimm brothers’ German folktale or fairy tale written in 1806.

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