We've updated our expenses/income page bcnfs.org/budget/ As you can see we're transparent and careful with money, but it's always good having more sponsorships to be able to do more events, if you want to help have a look at bcnfs.org/sponsoring/

In the plane route to , here we go another year!

We'll be at @fosdem this weekend! Visit our booth and play with Plasma Mobile devices, talk to developers, watch some live demos of @krita and Kdenlive, and get yourself some fancy stickers and other kool merch.


I wonder why @FirefoxNightly@twitter.com does not integrate with xdg-open, has been there for years and as far as I know works like a charm for mostly all desktops.

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Well, so I have finally moved from @googlechrome@twitter.com to @FirefoxNightly@twitter.com, a few quirks here and there (like trying to open a txt with Wine's notepad...) but manageable.

Can't wait for this kind of foods to go mainstream, plant based meat can change the world in so many ways. engadget.com/2019/01/07/imposs

Reading the Dolphin emulator report made me me wonder again why Apple is not supporting the VulkanAPI. I can't think of any reason that is not evil. Enjoy your degraded experience in Chrome, Firefox and many games macOS users.

Firefox is at 10% market-share, IE/Edge might be taken down and replaced with @ChromiumDev (t.co/433zncNF5r) not the best news for the web.

At this pace, torrenting will be fashionable again: engadget.com/2018/12/03/friend, common folks will not pay 10 different streaming services.

QUIC-HTTP/3 looks really amazing, this will be a game changer on how we write client/server applications: blog.erratasec.com/2018/11/som … Can't wait to use it together with IPv6 although probably this one is further away 😢

Lost of progress in @ChromiumDev@twitter.com Wayland by @igalia@twitter.com, can't wait to use all the goodies in the Desktop chromium-review.googlesource.c

FSF / @fsfe Perhaps it is time for a revision of AGPL? Most companies supporting AGPL licensed software seem to have similar concerns mongodb.com/blog/post/mongodb- We can't just wait until litigation is won on every jurisdiction 😢

#KDEis22 and our timeline tells you everything that happened that brought us to where we are now.


Something I have admired from @gnome ever since 3.0 is how determined they are in what they want to do. All my support for trying new things and removing old ones. I am sure you will be getting some hate from this decision, stay focused 👍blogs.gnome.org/aday/2018/10/0

The Pixel Slate looks really slick, some times I feel like @Google Is taking some ideas and concepts directly from @kdecommunity Plasma. engadget.com/2018/10/09/google

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