In the plane route to , here we go another year!

We'll be at @fosdem this weekend! Visit our booth and play with Plasma Mobile devices, talk to developers, watch some live demos of @krita and Kdenlive, and get yourself some fancy stickers and other kool merch.

I wonder why does not integrate with xdg-open, has been there for years and as far as I know works like a charm for mostly all desktops.

Well, so I have finally moved from to, a few quirks here and there (like trying to open a txt with Wine's notepad...) but manageable.

Can't wait for this kind of foods to go mainstream, plant based meat can change the world in so many ways.

Reading the Dolphin emulator report made me me wonder again why Apple is not supporting the VulkanAPI. I can't think of any reason that is not evil. Enjoy your degraded experience in Chrome, Firefox and many games macOS users.

Firefox is at 10% market-share, IE/Edge might be taken down and replaced with @ChromiumDev ( not the best news for the web.

At this pace, torrenting will be fashionable again:, common folks will not pay 10 different streaming services.

QUIC-HTTP/3 looks really amazing, this will be a game changer on how we write client/server applications: … Can't wait to use it together with IPv6 although probably this one is further away 😢

Lost of progress in Wayland by, can't wait to use all the goodies in the Desktop chromium-review.googlesource.c

FSF / @fsfe Perhaps it is time for a revision of AGPL? Most companies supporting AGPL licensed software seem to have similar concerns We can't just wait until litigation is won on every jurisdiction 😢

#KDEis22 and our timeline tells you everything that happened that brought us to where we are now.

Something I have admired from @gnome ever since 3.0 is how determined they are in what they want to do. All my support for trying new things and removing old ones. I am sure you will be getting some hate from this decision, stay focused 👍

The Pixel Slate looks really slick, some times I feel like @Google Is taking some ideas and concepts directly from @kdecommunity Plasma.

Awesome to see progress on Firefox Wayland, a bit annoyed that it seems that it is redhat and not mozila the one driving it. This will probably force me to finally switch back to Firefox 👍

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