@cavaliertusky yes, absolutely

an "A" record simply maps a domain name (foo.com) to an IPv4 address (

do i know anyone who does/can do nonprofit grant writing? want to grow reach of consent.academy & bring consent culture to tech audience

R/T for reach & DM for details. pls & thx! πŸ’Œ

@cavaliertusky you need to update DNS records with your registrar (greengeeks I guess)

A record for IPv4
AAAA for IPv6 (if your hoster supports it)
CAA if you use HTTPS / LetsEncrypt

that should be it for basic web stuff, but...

if you also run email through your nextcloud instance, you need to add several more. MX and PTR and TXT (dkim, dmarc, spf)

It's the end of 2019 and there still is no decent, usable, #PGP-enabled e-mail client that I could roll-out to regular, non tech-savvy users without feeling bad.

10 years ago that would have been #KMail. But KMail shot itself in the foot, knee, and hip with Akonadi.

#Thunderbird is... Thunderbird.
#Mailpile doesn't do writes to IMAP, so you either use *only* it, or not use it at all.

#Kube just crashed on me because I tried to reply to a signed e-mail.

Anybody any other suggestions?

@pnathan Hi there! nice to meet you :)

Yeah, we probably don't ... but who knows, I ran into someone in a cafe today that I met at a tech conference last year so anything's possible!

my first question to the fedivoid: how do i find my friends?

if you're looking for me on this platform, hopefully this collection of tags will help you find me --


You're great! Thank you! no apology needed, pls keep up the goodness :)

@Tayo Thanks for the getting-started link πŸ™

I'm kinda familiar with things here, but a lot has changed since I poked around ~1yr ago! πŸŽ‰

Hi there!

I'm an open source developer & sometimes community lead, mostly active in cloud // infrastructure projects. Occasional speaker about ethics&tech, infosec, and queer rights. On the k8s code of conduct committee.

I'm also queer & trans, and becoming more and more outspoken about that as time goes on :)

You can find more about me on twitter @aevavoom & my blog aeva.online/


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