bank websites: choose a strong password with special characters,numbers,upper case and lowercase letters, shouldn't be the same as your last 5 passwords blah blah

also bank websites: and copy/paste is disabled so it'll be difficult to use a password manager

installing something with snap takes forever.
and that's coming from someone who uses gentoo.
why you have to do this ubuntu?

finally setup Github pages to start

thanks for the motivation @kev and everyone who joined

everything I write will be at

Donate your spare CPU + GPU compute power to help research and fight {COVID-19}.

I've setup a Linux For Everyone team. Download folding@home and enter Team #240869. Thank you!

And again people are enraged and astonished that the google nest max thingy is spying on them. A friend of mine just realized that google uses her phones gps data for traffic analysis. Do "normal" people really don't know this? I though is was common knowledge by now...
People your personal data is gold, everyone wants a part of it. No company that is worth billions gets there by giving things away for free

I found a screenshot from Nov. 2018 when I did my first Gentoo install. I had no idea what I was doing and was just copy-pasting from the Handbook. Things have changed a lot since then

*encrypted email (I think, I haven't opened it yet) from sourcehut arrives*

gmail app: hey someone sent you two files

btw, is there any mail client for android that can handle this?

I'm a little late to the party but here my setup. been on this for a while now.
Exploring Flutter with VSCode, Kitty and an android emulator
WM is Sway and the bar is Waybar

After a long time not hopping distros, installed debian today. When I was installing gnome-mpv, I saw a qt dependency.

Within 10 minutes, I'm back on my previous gentoo installation.
What's wrong with me? 😭


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