finally setup Github pages to start

thanks for the motivation @kev and everyone who joined

everything I write will be at

Donate your spare CPU + GPU compute power to help research and fight {COVID-19}.

I've setup a Linux For Everyone team. Download folding@home and enter Team #240869. Thank you!

And again people are enraged and astonished that the google nest max thingy is spying on them. A friend of mine just realized that google uses her phones gps data for traffic analysis. Do "normal" people really don't know this? I though is was common knowledge by now...
People your personal data is gold, everyone wants a part of it. No company that is worth billions gets there by giving things away for free

I found a screenshot from Nov. 2018 when I did my first Gentoo install. I had no idea what I was doing and was just copy-pasting from the Handbook. Things have changed a lot since then

*encrypted email (I think, I haven't opened it yet) from sourcehut arrives*

gmail app: hey someone sent you two files

btw, is there any mail client for android that can handle this?

I'm a little late to the party but here my setup. been on this for a while now.
Exploring Flutter with VSCode, Kitty and an android emulator
WM is Sway and the bar is Waybar

After a long time not hopping distros, installed debian today. When I was installing gnome-mpv, I saw a qt dependency.

Within 10 minutes, I'm back on my previous gentoo installation.
What's wrong with me? 😭


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