lately I've been thinking about trying my hands at 3D printing. but I have no clue where to start and looking for a printer to get started with is also confusing with all the mixed reviews and stuff.

anyone on here who has some experience with 3D printing who can help me?

also, is the Ender 3 a good choice as the first printer?


TIL that steam doesn't allow using email addresses with custom domains.
"looks like you're using a disposable email address you're using an email provider not supported by steam" 🤷

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Introducing! 🎉

A few days ago, @kev asked the community for help maintaining his side-project, This got me thinking.

There are loads of maintainers out there feeling burnt out, but they can't abandon their project since people are depending on the project to be maintained.

In an effort to combat this, I built a website that lists projects looking for new maintainers. It's still quite empty and has some rough edges, so any feedback is very welcome.

I'mma go install gentoo and screenshot the GCC log to mint some cool NFTs out of it..

Just finished setting up on one of the Raspberry Pis. has arm64 images and a good readme that helped me get up and running quickly.
I still have a lot to figure out about prosody and and might even end up breaking it once or twice, but I'm definitely planning to keep it around :)


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that took me a while to figure out

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that was just pure luck, I didn't even know that was a word

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this is fun :D

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What I'd like to see happen for Linux in 2022 is more members of the community fully embracing new users with less "RTFM" and more, "Let me see if I can help."

Thanks to (UEFI firmware images for the Pi 4), it's now possible to boot upstream releases of any linux distribution with a recent enough kernel and an arm64 build on the Raspberry Pi 4 instead of the handful of distributions that make dedicated releases for the Pi.

I've already switched to Debian 11, from Ubuntu Server (Raspberry Pi version) and so far, everything's looking well and good
:debian: :raspberrypi:

is a cool piece of software. Currently hosting a few websites on a from my home network.

If anyone is looking for a quick and cheap self hosting solution, a Pi, frp and the smallest vps from your favourite provider is all you need.

do check it out at

Hello fediverse,
Does anyone know of any other product like the PinePower Desktop? Or is the PinePower desktop the only product of its category?
Maybe because of the pandemic situation, they're not shipping anything from the Pine store to my location, so I'm looking for alternatives that I could get my hands on.

bank websites: choose a strong password with special characters,numbers,upper case and lowercase letters, shouldn't be the same as your last 5 passwords blah blah

also bank websites: and copy/paste is disabled so it'll be difficult to use a password manager

installing something with snap takes forever.
and that's coming from someone who uses gentoo.
why you have to do this ubuntu?

finally setup Github pages to start

thanks for the motivation @kev and everyone who joined

everything I write will be at

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