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#Privacy conversations are often overwhelming to people outside of the #tech industry.

We may create moments of in-actionable despair in everyday people if we overshare a never-ending stream of reasons that one can never escape privacy intrusions.

These moments reinforce a sense of Privacy Nihilism that keeps people from doing the basic things to keep themselves more #private and #secure.

Sharing a sense of hope and understanding to our audience is so important for our mission.

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Time is up for

I'm on Mastodon cause I'm fond of open source and as they are idealistic ideas that truly work.

Beside I'm into languages. Currently mostly 🇯🇵 , 🇫🇷 and 🇩🇪 . I'm studying to get comfortable with it.

I wish to overcome this awkward “No, I personally don't know anybody else who is using Fediverse” problem, so I'm considering to organise a in the where I live.

Looking for a beautifully designed minimalist phone.

I love the idea of the Punkt MP 01 (, but it has poor amazon reviews:

Anyone out here have actual experience with the MP 01 or similar?

A warning for those who build a livelihood on proprietary systems and services:

Cloud9 (cloud IDE, deployment, and hosting) was bought by Amazon a few years ago, and is now shutting down its original service this December, leaving users scrambling who don't want to migrate to AWS.

* One user has 147 Cloud9 projects that he doesn't know what to do with;

* Another spent countless hours building course-ware and video tutorials that are now completely useless.

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Just joined! Glad to be part of this!

I discovered Mastodon after reading about the "Re-decentralizing the Internet" movement. It hit me right on the nose. Being a developer who's worked in media and ad tech, and someone with kids, I'm concerned about the direction we seem to be moving in. Joining this community is my first small step towards decentralization of my "personal infrastructure" and taking back ownership of our data and privacy.


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