Not proud... 

$ cat .bash_aliases

alias clera="clear"

I'd like to share an app I made over a 48 hour period at a hackathon that just finished yesterday. There's a live demo at

The project is open source, hosted at

Important: Do not upload any sensitive data into the demo app! There's only so much one can do in a 48 hour window, and data security/privacy was not the primary focus for the competition. They will be added eventually, if the open source project lives long enough.


You naughty , we asked you to take down the words "Open Source" from your website since you are NOT

You did.

It seems those words have somehow found their way back on the website.

Time to raise awareness again and try to make Cyph understand. If the fedizens would like to join the effort and leave a little comment on the issue, that'd be awesome!

Boost appreciated

Also, I didn't expect such high sass levels in the kernel config 😂

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I made a thing! Check out the terminal-based podcast manager I made, which just hit v1.0:

This represents the largest coding project I've ever done (so far!), and my first project in Rust, but I'm incredibly proud of the result. Feel free to use, share, and contribute!

Sometimes I think my job is just to sit on this couch and let him stare into my soul. Either that or he's silently askng when this horrible heat will end.

It's quite confusing being bilingual (or having minor ability) and listening to audio where there's background music in one of the languages you know and the actual speaking is in another. It's not quite like having two people speak the same language in each of your ears but it's quite strange nonetheless.

Pro tip: don't use music with lyrics as a background track while talking, even if it's in an "uncommon" language.

is this a fucking joke, I literally cant see what the design community is saying

Not sure about the origins of 'Foo', 'Bar', etc. but my personal fav placeholder text has always been 'Booger'.

Github has an option to serve gh-pages from the docs folder in the master branch instead of the usual dedicated gh-pages branch. Don't use this. Thank me later.

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