Spam from Facebook to an old email account -> unsubscribe -> please login -> forgot password -> send email -> click link in email -> please upload photo ID to confirm its you... erm no thanks. What kind of company requires photo ID to unsubscribe from their emails?

Why has Fosstodon suspended There's no reason listed. πŸ€”

I finally set up the nodejs integration with my local TiddlyWiki. I've no idea why I didn't do that earlier, it's so much better now! Now just to work out how to get it viewable from the phone.

Hello, World!

I was thinking of self-hosting a mastodon instance, but this seems like as good a home as any. At least until I get the feel of things better. I'm wondering if I'll manage to settle in here without feeling the need to set up cross-posting to Twitter. Let's see how it goes!


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