1. New VC-backed startup enters the scene
2. People flock to it
3. They discover it’s a surveillance capitalist (and still have no clue what that is)
4. They’re shocked (because, see 3)
5. It’s too late, they’re too big and they’ve exited
6. Goto 1




@laura @aral FYI - I tend to use firefox so can probably uninstall for now - its not even running in menu bar and safari not open ? Big Sur 11.2.1

Am in a circle community which is cool. However a app based on text has to have basic copy, paste and edit. Just frustrating and makes you look stupid. Can’t even see option to delete so you could at least rewrite. Not delightful design

Daft Punk have completed their course on this earth - Youtube 🎧 dctr.pro/2ku

Dam it great game from Wimbledon, Harrison debut looked promising and within less than 10mins was stretchered off injured after a great move. Hope it’s not too bad ⚽️ Dam

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I can’t leave home and teach in my studio socially distanced, with daily testing yet 4 BT openreach vans can arrive in my street, they all get out and chat no masks no 2m. Walk intro building site breezing past the sign that says masks must be worn past this point. What a joke.

Cant wait to start RESET course cant wait to learn to move from a “speed-obsessed” way of working to a calm, “heart-centered” approach to productivity. Last chance to sign up today by 5pm EDT reset-course.com/

Bah I quit. I love PlayStation but tried again 2 more sites to get one today based on stock informing alerts and no chance. Let me know when shops have a sensible supply and then I’ll bother not worth the stress. Oh and screw you eBay.

Downloaded the lovely Patterned (Apple Arcade) - 1st play on mac but lovely game ruined by the fact my MBP2019 (Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB) ramps fans up to max, I’ll play on iPad but its frustrating that MBP cannot do anything GPU wise without fans Big Sur 11.2.1 / same on macOS 10.15

I know this is super geek weirdness but @manton what is it with URLs from mastodon and trying to click / tap them in micro.blog apps it drives me batty 🤪

I actually don’t know why I have bothered to try and get a PS5 this week, its pointless Sony clearly haven’t been able to make enough and its just disheartening especially when stock is released at 3am so only scalper bots will purchase. eBay should ban the resale sickening.

Looks like Amazon UK had PS5 stock for around 20mins. Just could not add to my basket.

Small Is Beautiful

Live, this Thursday, Feb 18, 2021, at 5PM UTC. Paul Frazee (Beaker browser) will join us talk about his new decentralised social network project, CTZN.


#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech

Right. Been sitting on this for far too long.

I offer for your perusal a critique, of sorts, of a laudable movement, but one which I now believe to be both target blind and exclusionary, and that, as a consequence, I don’t want to devote any more of my time to it.



☺️ when your come upstairs to hear youngest daughter learning The Detectorists theme song on her Ukulele, good days.

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