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The way we convey, make, and represent the information generated and presented in a community of practice have a direct impact on the various co-created outputs. Our ideation and thoughts are directly affected by the tools we use (Culkin, 1967). As we extend the boundaries of our physical selves into the machine, we must consider the implications for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights within the posthuman. 2/2

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The central output of my practice led research is is a digital canvas for multiplayer thinking used within Art & Design studio based education. is part of a wider practice of building “Tools for Thought” (Rheingold, 1985) coupled with the process of thinking-through-making (Ingold, 2013). 1/2

Every time I eat a bag of crisps this stresses me out. All the onus is on the consumer. Wrong wrong wrong.

Composor of Blade Runner, Chariots of Fire and more Vangelis has died aged 79 😞 - BBC News

Composer Austin Wintory wrote on Twitter that Vangelis “changed an entire era of music”

Local games for me but the dates are just no good for me. 😫

Been a mad busy 2022. Lining up to start/ finish some audio books over the rest of the year.

Fantastic new documentary on the mighty AFC Wimbledon - YouTube

Yes yes yes yes yes this is amazing. One of the best TV series in a long time has been commissioned for a feature length special -

Ok I have to work tomorrow but that was a busy and stressful week so the weekend starts here

Follow all the rules Procter or become foul of the law. Lady wasn’t having any of my innocence as a newbie 🤦🏻‍♂️😤

My original Junplanning Jack Skellington Figure picked up by me in 1999 in Los Angeles is boxed up in his coffin ready for another move. 👍

How did I miss this song exploder from one of my favourite films ever - Danny Elfman - What’s This? (from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”) -

If I manage to get myself a home
Linux box over the next few years I’ll get one of these and run PoP!OS - - it’s like the g4 cube 👍

I’m not really a podcast person but the “What’s This?” episode from The Nightmare Before Christmas on Song Exploder with Danny Elfman is an absolute joy to listen to.

#podcast #music #musicals

Our final year games students are funding for private view drinks and refeshments. Can’t wait for shows in the summer in Winchester and London. Invites soon. Feel free to donate to the drinks fund and support our next generation of game makers finish their degree with a bang!

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