Arrrrrghhh blooming Vue router edge case iOS only bugs

iPhone 12 Pro 5G Pacific Blue 512gb arriving 23rd October - Happy iPhone Day - thank o2 UK

It feels like most people are just not following or wanting any covid rules as they have “had enough” and it seems this short term thinking will not doubt have a much bigger impact on the economy over time if we don’t slow the virus 🦠

A field in Hampshire, England, taking a break from working at home (due to pandemic) with Monty the dog 🐶 October 14th - 14:02

I blog to keep a record of thoughts, ideas and moments in time that my human brain tends to forget.

I’m going to try and get iPhone 12 Pro 5G pacific blue. Probably 256gb like my current iPhone X but I may due to mega video and photo switch to 512gb depending on price difference.

It seems bug in Vue is router switching is just an iOS issue which is annoying but at least I know it’s specific and I know what triggers it and the current workaround which is easy for people, I think it might be something to do with history mode but not really sure yet.

Next up. A little rejig of front room has meant I found some gems. 🐮

This evening’s entertainment from my wife’s record collect. I bet this isn’t on Apple Music.

We can’t have Billionaires and stop climate change. (I would edit the title to “climate catastrophe”) - The Correspondent via @dajbelshaw

Not one for the Queens birthday honours list at all but additional news and recognition for Joan Armatrading (CBE) and David Suchet (Knighted) is all good by me.

Spoke a little too soon there is still a bug when you create a new microcosm and use list view with zero nodes on mobile. Man these edge cases are driving me spare. Looks like I know what im hoping to do tomorrow afternoon now 😂

0.1.28 was basically a jump back to 0.1.25 and remake all the additions from 0.1.26 and 0.1.27 which had broken mobile use. Another reason I like keeping a and also gitlab version control.

Ok I went to DIY store. Then it took me all afternoon but I have fixed the mobile issues in so I released 0.1.28 - pushing code to main branch shortly too - few small human interface bugs. And if you refresh browser on a view that is is not home does something odd. 👍

What I really should be doing:
- Writing about my PhD
What I should be doing :
- Tinkering with code.
What I want to do:
- Play Snow Runner or No Man’s Sky.
What I have to do:
- Take my wife to a DIY store and not rush her 😂.

My guess at the moment is that I think I might be doubling up 🔝 on loops in the list, discard and card Vue components without needing to… hoping I can resolve before Monday.

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