Switched over to from vscode, glad someone already did this

@adammish That's something I hadn't realised before; the VSCode binaries are not under a Free license, but the source is. discusses it. It isn't a 'trick', it's just a badly communicated feature ... but it also has other things stuffed in there to make sure that the binary will be proprietary software

I'm removing VSCode from my machine, and installing VSCodium ...

@yojimbo Yeah, so far vscodium has been sweet, no noticeable difference really except the logo. Nice to not have to build from source


Do all extensions work as expected?
And how quick are they when it comes to new releases?

@kaeedo Any extension I've tried has worked, don't see why they wouldn't.

As far as new releases, it probably depends on your OS/how you get it. The deb/rpm repo says it updates every 24 hrs.

Alright. I'm convinced. Someday I'll even switch away from Windows. But for now, gaming is holding me hostage

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