Getting the js tooling is a challenge on itself. But when it works its magical. One decision left... Eslint with airbnb, google, stardard or other?

Is anyone interested in developing an email replacement based on activity pub, e2e, proper threads, replay conversation... Basically the idea of what google wave was but open source, federated and encrypted from the start. (no need to see in real-time what the others are typing though)

How about mixing activitypub + email? We could finally replace email once and for all with something with threads, encryption by default.. Not.the.mess we have right now.

Ok. Here it is. My open beta open source end to encrypted secrets manager KeyCat It still is beta sw but I've been using it for some time now and I'm quite happy. It's still lacking many features, polish.. But should work fine. And it allows to share secrets with your peers! Maybe I should add activity pub to share stuff? Too many ideas to implement!

I'd like to declare 2019 the year of 'stop labeling years the year of something'. If it has to happen it will happen...

Today is one of those days i should have stayed in bed. Managed to ruin a pcb, the test robot arm is completely screwed and we're scheduled to start run next week.

I also get pissed off when local news outlets report on crime, and insist on bringing up the nationality (or immigrant, or refugee status) of the accused criminals.

Fuelling the fires of prejudice is just not ethical journalism.


web dev honesty 

geez this field is a mess. tutorials 6 months old are out of date. i'm dependent on stack overflow for answers to everything.

i wouldn't want to scare anyone away, but i would be tempted to give dire warnings to folks looking to get into web dev.

there is a shit ton of bs involved that has nothing to do with building apps or changing tech culture. our tools are busted & confusing as fuck.

it's only because i've been at this so long that i can calmly navigate this quagmire.

Update on #SQLite: per its creator, their Code of Conduct is not a parody and it's not mocking people who are asking for a Code of Conduct. They are 100% sincere in their belief that the Code of St. Benedict (which starts with the Ten Commandments) is an appropriate, inclusive Code of Conduct for a modern project.

(cc @InspectorCaracal )

Making webestensioooOoooOoons.. As expected it's sooooOOoOo mesyyyy. How the heck do i communicate between a popup and tjñhe background scriiiiiiipt??

In the end i got a dell xps laptop. Should i put ubuntu, arch,...?

Those sweet cases can't get here soon enough. I'm sick of my half-assed solution to carry it around.

is an improvement over not just in features and fixes but also boosts vim development and evolvement. Vim8 is a direct result of neovim emergence.

Waiting for my second to arrive. Next will be the case!

<rant>Why are things so complicated? It makes things error-prone and it goes against best practices and common sense... Has anyone taken a look ay SAML? It's maddnes! I want to throw my computer to the wall in frustration! O suspect having meetings with a bazillion people has something to do. As somebody said 1/2 wit + 1/2 wit = 1/4 wit. People have too much free time to go to meetings. </rant>

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