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I'm a NY-born Oakland resident who programs for game companies to survive. I teach Scratch to kids at our town's video game museum.

In my free time I used #Flash a lot, then #Haxe, and now a lot of modern #JavaScript. I port things as a way to preserve ideas. I have a loving wife and 2 cats.


#webgl #threejs #pasta #halloween #science #wordplay #gpl #matrix #macintosh #darkwave , uuuuh, #antifa #kielbasa #netneutrality #humanity #flan #pasta


@rezmason Hi. I was going through your website/projects section. What did mean when you wrote 'All of these games sport the ability to rapidly play themselves to completion'. Thanks!

@abstractxan Fair question! The three games in the ported Hundred Rabbits trilogy contain “walkthrough” systems that, when invoked from the web console, produce input events from a recorded game session, playing the game from start to end, as a way to automatically verify the game can still be completed after large changes— like ports 😁.

Some of these systems are very fragile, because a code change often alters the sequence of in-game events. But it’s better than nothing!

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