@xj9 yo. My friend Vitak is going to message you somehow. She's the raddest. She's writing an article about the resurgence of old tech and I think you two would get along. She's a mega-do'er.

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Tons of interesting things on this page, which @xj9@merveilles.town among others would love.

@dctrud@mastodon.social Just read your recent gemlog as I poked around the aggregators. Here I am as a small piece of encouragement to stick around. :)

@xj9@merveilles.town after the plague, it'd be real cool to meet up in Cascadia somewhere.

I did a little writing about things I'm looking for in my next job. Perhaps you know of someone hiring? I'm interested in the confluence of ops and software engineering. My primary criteria are:

- I feel good about the thing I'm working on.
- I don't have to move.


Or if you're not on gemini: proxy.vulpes.one/gemini/sunshi

Having a linear keyboard, I've realized that I have my hands slightly pressing my keys often. Just a spew of L's as I'm thinking of something.

Got happyhacking keyboard working, including w bluetooth. Hooked it up with my phone and I did some bombadillo browsing on the sunshinegardens tilde server.

Apparently this super key problem (comes through as two different japanese grouping keys) is a known issue for some folks.

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After two failed attempts at getting a happyhacking keyboard (dip switch to make the backspace actually backspace was broken on the first, no super keys on the second), I'm going to pick up the atreus instead.

How do you draw the line between things you do on mobile versus on your computer? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


I've written down some steps to get started hacking on sr.ht. Feedback appreciated.


Anyone know of an android mastodon client that's not @Tusky ? I'm trying to find one which will detect gemini links and tusky said they won't.


I spent a bit of time around the fringes of my evening attempting to solve a small CSRF-like defect with sr.ht. Unfortunately, the mechanism of installation is pretty foreign to me, even as a python developer.

Off to the mailing list we go!

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You’ve heard of serverless cloud architecture :meowtired: :blobcatsleep:

Now, get ready for… 🥁🥁🥁

:blobcheerL: Cloudless server architecture :blobcheerR:

We’re offering features you thought you could only dream of:

Hardened database security: Databases don’t have to be exposed to the network thanks to the wonders of On-System Databases™ and Unix Sockets™, hardening security tenfold!
Latency-free database connections: As if that wasn’t good enough, On-System Databases™ allow you to dramatically reduce latency by bypassing the need for pesky network connections!
On-Demand Web Worker Process Spawning™ using the Common Gateway Interface™
Bare-Metal Access™ to On-Server Storage™ for unparalleled Read™ and Write™ speeds
Predictable costs: No more surprise bills. Pay only for what you specify! Our patent-pending Hardware Limitations™ automatically throttles your cloudless server if you reach capacity
Documentation: tired of trying to navigate through the jungle of outdated and incorrect Azure or AWS documentation? Don’t fret! Operating systems are documented by the most dedicated gangs of nerds you can find on freenode!

I spent probably an hour debugging why I couldn't send email from emacs but could do it via CLI. Turns out, I had the port wrong for SMTP. :-/

Oh well. Problem fixed. Now to play w/ sending git patches via mail via git-send-email.io/

Getting close to having gpg setup in my mail client for personal email. Next up is to figure out how to set GPG_AGENT_INFO correctly on my system.

"Writing design docs is overhead. The decision whether to write a design doc comes down to the core trade-off of deciding whether the benefits [...] outweigh the extra work of creating the doc. At the center of that decision lies whether the solution to the design problem is ambiguous–because of problem complexity or solution complexity, or both. If it is not, then there is little value in going through the process of writing a doc."


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