I am a teacher - a teach other teachers. I am creating Python course special for teachers in Poland (everything in Polish language) : python.szkola.pl/szkolenia-pyt

Dear @Jami - I cannot download any file from my contact during call. Is that ok?

:ablobowo: We are currently deploying HEVC / H.265 support in Jami on all supported platforms!

What is HEVC / H.265? We tell you everything here 👉 jami.net/hevc-h265/

Mój Jami ID: 598999e72207980d85f3753a7a002eb4394a7e8b - szukam znajomych. I'm looking for friends on @Jami . jami.net/download/

OK, Zaczynam nowy kanał sieci społecznościowej. Trochę jak Twitter ;-)


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