I am done with the Note Roll / Piano Roll. Got exams soon so the the Development is gonna slow down....


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I would love to see one of those "taking the expert out of retirement" movie plot movies realistically for computer people.

"I told you I'm done with that shit. I gave that up long ago."
"We need to bring you back in Dirk, the country needs you."
"Find somebody else."
"Nobody else can parse JSON and build scrolling grids of images like you. You're the best fuckin' upsell UI man in the business."

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odysee.com now has ads.
Yet they still market themselves as "Youtube without ads". What is this?!

I understand that such a platform has to make money somehow - but false promises - come on.


@joeligj12 Stable. and a bit bloated rn. but i am planning to make a custom base image with just a wm and alacritty.

Finished the Note Roll/ Piano Roll for GoDAW. Except the timeline 😉

@XxAlexXx I wouldn't mind someone reporting it the issue is genuine.

@XxAlexXx I don't think you are. you are helping them in finding issues and bugs which maybe hard for the devs. you share you pov as a user and the devs can choose to implement it.

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Making a DAW in named GoDAW. It is and under the MIT license.

Making a DAW in named GoDAW. It is and under the MIT license.

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has begun, and I am making a game for it.
I have spoken

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Here comes #GodotEngine 3.3, paving the way for many exciting 3.x updates while we wait for Godot 4!

This release has countless bugfixes and new features to make Godot 3 a stable, reliable and high-performance #opensource game engine.


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