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I had planned watching Watchmen on HBO Nordic. But I haven't read the series. So I ordered the comic book.

Finnish minister, 34, to be world's youngest PM

Social Democrat Sanna Marin will head a female-led governing coalition in the Nordic nation.

It's a December #FreebieFriday #giveaway!

Enter to win a Mic-Lock by commenting to this post with the following:

"I support the right to #privacy"

We will choose a random winner tomorrow afternoon after 2pm Central Time.

To receive the item, you will need to provide a mailing address. Name is not required. Winner notification will be posted as a comment and we will send a Direct Message.

Learn more about this microphone blocker in our previous post at

Good luck!

Just finished the new and improved lighting rig for the automated food production. With this and the beta anti root clog system I should have version 0.0.15 up and growing.

I caught and fixed the issue with holes in the home timeline (due to cached messages and the remember position).

Subtle #IRC prank: have your hostname claiming you're on Mars and configure your client to return non-system pings with a delay between 3 to 22 minutes depending on current Earth - Mars distance.

"The world needs more search engines"

There are several more ethical alternatives to Google search but most seem to be partnering with Bing. I'm trying to find a winner between:

Cultural icons like Billy Dee Williams coming out as gender fluid is the sort of big shifting points we need.

If you are a web developer trying to keep spambots out, DO NOT use reCAPTCHA. It is an unethical privacy invasion that follows people around the Web and stops disabled people from accessing information or services for no good reason.

Instead, just ask a (very) simple logic puzzle from a decent-sized set. Ask the questions in regular text and give an option to change puzzles. Switch out the library of puzzles occasionally. This will stop the vast majority of spambots.

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