If you use graphical installer and network check fails:

touch /tmp/installer-assume-online

@cnx it tries to fetch and hosting provider, where CI is located blocks requests from Russia for example.

@abcdw, it seems it was not the case for me, yesterday I had to retry real hard to pass the check despite pinging (and later downloading) still works fine :blobfoxangrylaugh:

@cnx Recently a few people and I got 502 for various guix resources, it can be related.

@abcdw, I think it’s not related as mumi has only been down recently. Regardless I don’t think it’s a software bug so :comfyshrug:

Issues is broken for everyone currently, not just you.

@abcdw If network check fails, I’d instead suggest emailing all the details, including /var/log/messages. :-)

@civodul For people from Russia/Belarus the problem is well-known and already reported a few times :)

In general case, you are right, in addition to using a workaround it would be cool to report a bug.

@civodul I remember the thread in help-guix

But there were a few more threads somewhere around. Maybe @w96k can help.

@abcdw @w96k Oh that’s because is unavailable from your place, got it.

I’m not sure there’s much we can do in the installer’s code.

@abcdw @w96k
I suppose we could kick up a warning that the machine seems to be offline and have the two buttons be 'back' and 'no really I know I'm online, trust me'. Except shorter.

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