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I configured WKD for domain, now you can get my gpg key using simple command:
gpg --locate-keys

Some mail clients will do it automagically.

More information on WKD and how to configure it here:

Kudos to @proactiveservices and @wiktor for the comments, links, articles and all the help.

Working on feature-emacs-corfu for rde, wanted to document it lightly, but completion in Emacs is a huge topic and it seems I'll need to write a good article on this.

For guix users and FOSS enthusiast who still in Russia we organized Russian Guix Meetup #1 in Moscow. Topics are "Guix Introduction and Installation" and "Guix Deploy".

The event will be in russian, it's possible to join online:

As well as offline, but registration is required to issue a pass to the building:

One of the best feelings about Guix System, Guix Home and rde is a feeling of persistence: when you solve your problem and know that this solution will survive for years or decades, will work on a new laptop or workstation and you won't need to do any extra installation steps or remember the hacks you did years ago.

Thanks the greatest minds for reproducibility! :guix:

Documented almost all configuration packages provided by

Now it gives at least some idea about what settings and tweaks are baked in them.

Another one is when I don't post for a long time :)

I always has a lot to share, but sometimes I just feel so much tired even without doing any actual work, so I can't even write a simple toot, not mentioning long articles/streams.

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One of the indicators of burnout is when I stop planning/maintaining todo lists.

Slightly cleaned up my backlog today, yay!

Built a fresh version of telega.el package for GNU Guix:

Due to absence of minor releases for tdlib and hence telega.el, I plan to maintain latest versions of telega and tdlib packages in rde repo.

How to use rde as a channel is written here:

You can build and reference the package this way:
guix build -e '(@ (rde packages emacs-xyz) emacs-telega-latest)'

The person who was setting up a conference session to discuss #Linux maintainer overwork and ways to address it couldn’t attend due to… burnout:

I can very much relate to the account of what their daily life looks like.

#FreeSoftware #maintainership

Sometimes I watch a video, read a book or just walk around and get inspired so much that I can work for the whole day or even a few without stopping.

Really like such moments.

It took me a while to get started, but I've been having fun with home, configuring my laptop. I'm slowly making progress moving more and more into Guix home and figuring out how to make and extend services.

"The Emacs of Distros" indeed, I'm starting to spend as much time working on my Guix config as I do on my Emacs config :)

The image shows how far I've gotten so far.

The #Guix reference card got an update!

Now features ‘guix shell’, ‘guix home’, and more.

i think this is going to be a big change but (not to brag) luckily the firmware codebase is some of the best-documented code i've ever written, and fairly concise at 140 lines of #scheme.

just need to come up with a scheme representation for how a dual-role key would be stored and integrate that into the existing press-release cycle.

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Just switched to the Modus Vivendi theme in #Emacs (from manoj-dark) and I’ve never been this satisfied with a theme. That it’s well documented and customizable in meaningful ways is a big plus.

For some people is not availiable, so I built a custom guix installation image with substitute server mirror.

More information and link to ISO is here:

guix-forge: Deploying a software forge in a few lines of #Guix System config

The goal is to provide an “almost stateless” forge featuring things like continuation integration, using existing tools (Laminar, cgit, etc.), so users can take control of their development. Insightful!

the fully open source hardware RISC-V Precursor from bunnie studios is now shipping out to people. pretty insane this thing was actually made #OSHW

The way I deal with stress is by putting myself under sever short-term stress. Not sure if it is a great idea.

Escher's drawing, dated 2022:

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