Best public DNS server?

Can anyone recommend a good Kubernetes course for developers (paid or free)? Thanks :)

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File managers / desktop environments shitpost 

Nautilus: a cephalopod. Alien. Inscrutable. Try to hassle it and it'll mess you up with its tentacles and beak

Dolphin: a mammal, like us :-) Friendly. Easy to train

Hello folks! 👋🏻

I'm new here. I'm really into

I'm co-authoring a multiplayer game in Rust (currently pre-alpha):

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In my experience there's nothing like the feeling you get after running "git push".

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Protip: If you ever want to store VM images on BTRFS, remember to +C attrib the VM folder before make use of it.

This disables CoW (Copy-on-Write) on files created in it, because CoW is bad for VM images.


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