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As one brave man once said: For the sake of the internet, use Firefox and not Chromium based browsers!

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There are 17,489 infections now, according to the above John Hopkins resource.

Meanwhile, some news sources are slow to follow the spread, perhaps reluctant to sound alarmist.

However, please do not accept poor information, or lack of information to cause even more unnecessary or unnoticed infections.

It's still growing exponentially, meaning every day, we discover a larger amount of infected than the day before. Only once that flattens out, we can speak of getting this under control.

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Per my conversation this morning, here's another successful conversion for a good friend who was on and is now running . That is 4 conversions this year! Much more to do still...

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Coach "Ali Baba" Shanahan and his Forty Ninnies (one remaining local NFL team) are going to try to steal the game from the Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV starting ~5hrs from now in Miami.
Maybe enough ppl will be doing game-watching events around then so that the local WiFi Internet-access places (cafes, etc) will be emptier than usual 😎

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Microsoft’s sneaky plan to switch Chrome searches from Google to Bing – Ars Technica

Yep--Microsoft is different. Yep.

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Semi-official in at least this part of California; the glut of online Michael Bloomberg for President ads have now supplanted the fairly recent glut of online ads for local performances of Shun Yen

Sure wish there were better ways of not having to endure the onslaught of these Bloomberg ads (e.g., on YouTube, in unsolicited emails) other than just not visiting the sites that'll keep churning out these ads until the State of CA's March 3rd Primary Election! 😬

:windows: 👺
"Windows 10 has a dangerous flaw discovered by NSA, Microsoft rushed to patch it"

Wonder what particular "businesses" (or governments) the is *really* worried about here?

Went to an interesting lecture last evening at Berkeley's Books Inc. given by Samuel Woolley on his recently released book _The Reality Game;
How the Next Wave of Technology Will Break the Truth_
Woolley's points are very timely, considering that the SF Bay Area's East Bay Express paper just published a related story at

More extensive writeup of Woolley's related 'The Facebook Dilemma' at 🤔

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I feel like my post explaining reasons not to use is going to get pretty long. I feel like I'm adding reasons to it every week.

I just added reason number 12.

Am at Oakland's now for its so-called Weekly Party working on my project(s).

See the event page , main site , Twitter presence, GitHub site , ... etcetera.

Whole lotta Cal students hunkering down with their Macbooks (mostly) at physical libraries and Internet cafes all over Berkeley this weekend 😒

Will be glad when the students finish their Final exams + papers + projects and depart en masse for the Holidays next weekend ... will probably free-up some of the regional ISPs' bandwidth as well when they do 😂

On YT's -related videos...

About ten years ago or so up to ~3-4yrs ago, Nicole (NixiePixel) put up her interesting and informative Nixie Pixel Vlogs and OS-ALT channel (see and )

For the last ~2.5yrs or so, there is now Derek's main channel at
Cant say I agree w/ everything Derek presents, but so far, he has seemed fairly insightful on his :tux: material 😃

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Everything I publish starts with plain text.

I use the basic text editor that comes with the OS or Ghostwriter when I really want no distractions. It's a great editor on Linux.

Can recommend Standard Notes for those who want to sync between devices.


Besides Big Daddy Linuxś wkly podcast at ,
there are also the interesting pair of YT vids 1) PCTLCś Linux Distro Hopping What are we Chasing? and 2) DistroTubeś Linux Elitists Are Frauds - Making Their Linux Life Harder To Look Cool

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