While looking for an alternative to Photos, I came across something called Recall recall.photos.. Which has unlimited free encrypted storage, and the ability to host your own at if you want..

Recall is powered something called , which I'd never heard of... Blockstack has more apps than you can poke a stick at 😲

Something for people to check out blockstack.org. Certainly worth more investigation

@imattau Interesting. I'd never heard of this either. Would be good to get my photos backups off Amazon Prime, but I wonder how they can afford to offer unlimited free storage to all? Is that bit of it too good to be true?

@raretrack I'm not 100% sure either atm.. It uses something called github.com/blockstack/gaia

Still reading about it...


@imattau @raretrack
It seems to be subsidized 10GB per user per app. Theoretically you can setup a Gaia docker image to handle hosting on Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, or a local server so you basically have NextCloud, but it requires an "advanced setup" during ID creation (data moving isn't currently supported). The whole thing sounds like it's currently just a popular public testnet so far, but with some decent potential.

@aaravchen @imattau Yes, that seems the case. Worth keeping an eye on over the coming months anyway.

@imattau @raretrack
In particular, the fact that you can't actually mine on the chain means it's not actually distributed yet. And the expected yearly hard forks means it's still very early and incomplete. Theory still being tossed around in their FAQ about burn-rate vs mining payouts and leadership elections suggests they haven't really figured out the basics yet.

@aaravchen @raretrack One of the things that is of concern is the ability for the system (or aspects of it) to be easily censored... I quite often travel to countries that aren't exactly social media friendly...

@nextcloud + + @manyver_se will probably be the most viable for me..

But will definitely be interesting to watch progress

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