Bought a $60 Thinkpad X220 yesterday and have been happily using :gnomewhite: on it ever since.

Something tells me this is going to remain my daily setup for at least a couple of years.

@aadilayub How's the battery life though? After 2 years of daily use, a li-ion battery tends to lose half of it's capacity.

@codewiz It's a little over 2 hours, which is fine with me since my previous lasted less than half an hour 😅

@jartigag The used computer markets are very cheap where I live 😉

@aadilayub wow, that's great. I bought a bit more expensive x220 a couple of months ago. Though with a SSD and 8GB of ram. Im happily using openbsd on it.

@iah My dad bought an x220 just recently as well! Incredible machines for how cheap they are.

@aadilayub love everything about these machines except the screens. Using my old 420T after a few years was a dream 🤩 but couldn't get used to the screen.

@rpcutts The screen's actually a lot better than I expected!

@aadilayub the one on the 420 is so bad. Viewing angle of about 3° 🤣

@aadilayub that's really good deal. I bought mine x220 for ~150 usd (I'v got 8gb of ram tho) and It's my daily driver since then.

@aadilayub I would replace Gnome with something more lightweight, but I agree - these machines can still be daily drivers for many people for the coming years. I am still running a x230 and love this thing.


If you are not aware of it you may find this link useful for your x220

The more interesting/important bits are

how to get 16GB of RAM working (officially 8GB was Max)

the links to and the advice relating to the unlocked advanced bios

The IME security update

checking if the battery is subject to a recall

Lots of other interesting stuff too

@aadilayub Fedora is pretty nice, but I'm having hardware problems with it.

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