Aadil Ayub

What are the benefits of using Gitlab over Github? (besides it being open-source)

@Matter basically what @aadilayub said.

I'll add that "you can self host GitLab" provides an advantage even if you have no plan to do so. Because you *can* self host, GitLab has a good reason to keep their hosted option competitive/privacy respecting. Conversely, GitHub has a bit more room to be abusive with their hosted option because so many projects would lose issues if they tried to move. (Not saying this *will* happen, but it's something to consider)

@aadilayub Throwing my hat in for "gitea" instead of GitLab.

No Ruby, tons faster. Can import a Linux kernel without knocking over a cheap VPS.

• unlimited private repos (and you can self host it since it's free)
• responsive design (yay!)
• built-in CI and stuff
• just seems nicer in general
• not owned by Microsoft

@aadilayub Kind of a byproduct of it being self-hostable is that there would (hopefully) be less friction if I were to migrate off their servers and on to mine.

Like my stuff is not that large or important but if it ever outgrew their free tier it's nice to be familiar with their tools & interface etc

@aadilayub Hm. I find the GUI annoying compared to github (can't specify why exactly only that stuff is never where I'm looking for it).

For private projects we use gitolite (just repo hosting with access control without pretty GUI)

@aadilayub Personally I prefer using smaller or domain-centric code hosting sites.

For example, I'm on code.blicky.net/ , though unfortunately elementary's got me tied to GitHub for Odysseus development.

Because what's the benefit of us centralizing on GitHub? Fewer logins? Browsers should fix that! (Which they're working on)

@alcinnz @aadilayub It allows Microsoft to terminate open-source projects it doesn't like instead of just threatening to sue them.

@aleksandar @alcinnz @aadilayub No, because until now they didn't have the means. There are cases of Amazon and GitHub doing such things, though.

@aadilayub since nobody mentioned it, I will add that 'merge request' makes more sens that PR. Also, in gitlab you can add 'WIP' to merge requests which will prevent it from being merged but will still run CI tools.

In the long run, whatever the FSF / GNU project thinks, gitlab is free software like linux and like all of the tools I use at work. So investing in gitlab makes more sens than in github.

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