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"You say you love your children above all else, and yet you are stealing their future under their very eyes."

"If solutions in the system are so hard to find, then maybe we need to change the system itself."

Stirring speech by Greta Thunberg at #COP24. Full video here youtu.be/HzeekxtyFOY

In the beginning when I made an account here, I felt this great rush, like, yes! Finally I’ve found a place where I can start from scratch and share/explore/express my authentic self.

But lately, I've noticed the more I use the fediverse, the more I think like the fediverse. I mostly parrot other people's opinions on my profile and become influenced by their ideas, which is the same dynamic I had with Twitter, tumblr, & reddit.

Idk if this is just me or something intrinsic to social media.

The fediverse doesn't feel as fresh and free a space as it did when I first joined it. I'm starting to feel a groupthink developing here, just like there is on reddit, tumblr, etc.

It's still a fun place to be, but I'm seeing the same ideas & memes on my timeline. Kinda wishing there was an option to toggle off the feed for some days.

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> If my blog is an extension of my memory, my identity, then loosing some of it feels like a partial amnesia.

I 100% get this, for the longest time my website was largely an extension of myself digitally.

My membership of services may be fleeting in comparison to my website - so I always try to keep the good stuff there...

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@andrioid My dad taught me!

My first programming language was probably LOGO, but I didn't really "get" it until he started teaching me Turbo Pascal.

I wrote games, taught myself x86 assembly. I'd visit friends to play computer games and then go home and try to recreate them myself.

Got my first summer job writing accounting programs in C around 16 years old - the job came with Internet access: IRC, the web, Perl, Linux.

That led to an ISP job and I've been doing both code and admin since.

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@andrioid I never decided to learn how to program, it was just a side-effect of wanting to do something else, like make a Game Boy game or a website. On the way I learned C/C++, Python, JS/HTML/CSS, Haskell, Rust, and some assembly languages. I didn't really know how to program "for real" until well into my 20s. I'd dabbled with some things on the Amiga, trying to make adventure games, but I was more interested in making game art in Deluxe Paint, and my older sibling did most of the programming.

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@andrioid I left that school and my next taught me C++ and Java.

While at the first college, I fell in love with this new thing called the WWW. I wrote JavaScript when that first beta of Netscape 2 came out.

I couldn't find work in the tail end of the dotcom days so I ended up working in PickBASIC on an antiquated, pre-SQL database originally designed for the IBM 360 in it's heyday. I couldn't escape Pick because it's all I had experience in, so u dropped $1000 of my own money for Java certification. That got me a job with a startup maintaining their PHP site and working on it's Java replacement.

After that company ran out of funds, I ended up in the PHP CMS world working in PHP & JavaScript. I use Typescript on my personal projects. I've dabbled in Haskell and Scala. I write bash scripts.

And now I'm a manager so I spend more time in Google Docs than a code editor.

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Pantone's colour of the year for 2019 is called Living Coral. It's a reminder of one of Earth's threatened treasures.

Ocean acidification is one of the major problems of climate change and it's ravaging Earth's corals, destroying Reefs which are millions of years old.

Coral reefs support some of the most extensive and diverse ecosystems on the planet, and their die off is a major contributor to the ongoing Holocene extinction.

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surveillance nightmare. don't read before going to bed. Show more

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Here is a deep deep truth I’ve learned the hard way: the ideas for creative things that I’ve pitched to other people that they’ve outright laughed at or derided always appear made by someone in the next year or two and it’s always a smash hit. So if you feel shitty after pitching something that feels good to you find any way to make it because someone else will eventually make it and you will feel sad it wasn’t you

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blockchain musing Show more

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blockchain musing Show more

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Getting really tired of sites that use reCaptcha as part of the login process.

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so i learned how to generate image variants from GIMP's xcf by toggling layers with a python-fu script. this is very powerful
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We need to study and design around a "Green Pill": What are the arguments and revelations that can mobilise a moderate or apathetic human into becoming an active defender of our planet?
How do we get people to understand, viscerally and personally, that they are causing hardship to themselves and others, and they must act immediately?
And, how do we stop them falling into counterproductive traps like buying organic, or fighting science?
#ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateCollapse #GlobalWarming

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What's a collective noun for a group of tieflings?

I'm going with mischief. A mischief of tieflings. #mastoart #amigurumi

Night Sight on the Pixel is mind blowing. I feel like I have a new camera.

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Holy mother of an Ono-Sendai Cyberspace 7, this is a lot of companies working very hard to make your web experience terrible.

"Is that a lot of ad partners? It looks like a lot of ad partners"

266 of them, yes. 4.75 KB of text just to store all their names.



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Here's the beginning of a learning plan I'm hoping to pursue by myself along with a list of topics under basic biology I want to learn. All of this will be done at my own pace with no timeframe, but I wanted to add some srructure/goals to my autodidactic life.

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