So today an event by my local socialist study group entitled "Understanding Toxic Masculinity" was taken down by Facebook for violating its 'Community Guidelines'.

I offered to make a Meetup event for us instead, and halfway through making the event, I got blocked from accessing the domain (maybe because I used "Marxism" and "Political Activism" as one of the tags for our event lol)

Now using @GetTogetherComm for all our future events

context: We decided to hold a discussion meetup on "Toxic Masculinity" in the wake of widespread backlash to last week's Women's March from the public, right-wing politicians and large sections of the media.

@hhardy01 I reactivated my account so I could download my Facebook data for a data science/personal art project.

I don't use my Facebook account for much else though. That screenshot was forwarded to me by someone else from our group.

@aadil @GetTogetherComm

Think I've been banned from facebook like 4 times now? Usually for drawing dicks on profile pictures of racist old boomer dudes. Terrible site.

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