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Stop giving away your work to people who don't care about it. Host it yourself. Distribute it via methods you control. Build your audience deliberately and on your own terms alwaysownyourplatform.com/

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our babysitter today was like "ugh i broke my macbook charger cord and im really not looking forward to having to pay for a new one" so I grabbed my soldering iron and heatshrink tubing and taught her how to fix cords herself and packed up everything she'd need to do it at home later.

She did a few with me there to help, did awesome, and is super excited about fixing it on her own.

Does this count as #solarpunk ?

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Hey, @lainsce, how can I use Ecosystem Themes on Dot Matrix?

I tried dragging and dropping the noir svg into it, but nothing happened.

Also, thanks for bringing such an awesome tool into the :elementary: ecosystem!

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Anyone here tried making their own e-ink reader using KoReader?


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It's available at github.com/hundredrabbits/Orca

Runs on Electron, so I'll def look at the source whenever I'll be feeling curious 😛

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I found out about and started fiddling around #ORCΛ and it's low-key blowing my mind, I might get into this...

context: We decided to hold a discussion meetup on "Toxic Masculinity" in the wake of widespread backlash to last week's Women's March from the public, right-wing politicians and large sections of the media.


So today an event by my local socialist study group entitled "Understanding Toxic Masculinity" was taken down by Facebook for violating its 'Community Guidelines'.

I offered to make a Meetup event for us instead, and halfway through making the event, I got blocked from accessing the meetup.com domain (maybe because I used "Marxism" and "Political Activism" as one of the tags for our event lol)

Now using @GetTogetherComm for all our future events


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"Alright well what if I told you that Tubthumping, this song that everyone remembers as a what, silly, feel-good pop song, was actually the work of an anarchist slash socialistic collective, and it was part of their deliberate 30-year strategy to empower the working class and to overthrow the status quo of England."

This podcast was the first time I heard that there was more to Chumbawamba than I'd ever suspected was possible.


Oneohtrix Point Never has a DAT site. Fucking cool.


@elementary 's AppCenter is really taking off. There's a cool new app in the store almost every week, and the general design of the apps is improving. 🚀

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We're now on the fediverse to publish announcements and engage with this community!

This account is operated by @staltz, feel free to send questions and comments. :)

“Everything is a risk in Pakistan: If you defend women, it’s a risk. If you defend non-Muslims it’s a risk. If you discuss religion, it’s a risk. But you can’t really sit there like a vegetable in your own society."
- Asma Jahangir

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Gearing up for the Aurat March (Women's March) in Karachi tomorrow. I remember watching the movement play out on my social media feed last year, as my friends in Pakistan uploaded pictures of them singing, dancing, and chanting for women's liberation (I was studying abroad at the time).

This year I'll be volunteering. Will try to livetoot tomorrow.


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