Just ordered a new revision of adapter. This time I decided to go with SMD pads on the bottom.

There should be enough space to solder it with the soldering iron. In the worst case, I'll just use my hot-air station.

Got the adapters yesterday.
That's basically the only nice thing about them.

Castellated holes turned out to be a pretty bad idea. No matter how clean the soldering is, I'm getting shorts between neighbouring half-holes. I guess I should've gone with plated holes of a larger diameter instead.

Back to the drawing board...

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Set your clocks and ready your webmail browser tabs!

The starts shipping tomorrow!

Finally got the 4-layer 0.8mm PCBs from JLCPCB for my DualPIF project. Looks like they turned out okay!
All that's left is to wait for the PIF adapter PCB from OSHPark to arrive and write the firmware for onboard ATmega controller, and it'll be ready to test.

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Just finished installing RGB amplifier by borti4938/VideoGamePerfection into my NTSC-J N64.
Really happy with the quality. It looks much better than RGB from my N64RGB-modded PAL N64.

Next on the list is my own Dual PIF mod. Hope 4-layer board I ordered from JLCPCB will turn out okay...
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