Could use some advice on for my 918

I'm suffering from sudden power cuts at home recently so need something to protect the NAS.

Requirements are to safely shutdown the box (almost immediately is OK). Nothing else needs to be on the Ups that I can think of as I can't get the router near the NAS.

Any input much appreciated.

Thanks for the suggestions.
DIY on second thoughts might not be good for this project due in last to lack of time.

I think I've sourced a free APC 1500 though. 😁

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@ndegruchy @_mark Are you looking for "do it yourself" of for "just buy it" ?

@rudolf good question. It was but it as if not considered building one. What do your know about a DIY solution?

@ndegruchy thanks. Will run any prospective unit on there.

@_mark For example if your device has a single 12v power supply you could back it up with a 12v motorbike starter battery to get you through a outage of a few hours. You would need to assemble/solder a few cheap elecronic components for that, you cannot directly connect the battery.

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