Can anyone recommend a good, google services free, 2fa application for android.

Preferably it will have a backup option but not needed.

Only FreeOTP+ & andOTP from this list have been updated recently:

@_mark I migrated to andOTP from freeOTP+. Reason for Me was better 2fa security. App now have fingerprint login and backups are crypted.

@sheogorath @_mark I don’t believe the request asked for FOSS?

@sheogorath @kev @_mark Authy does use google services though which is what he is trying to get away from.

Also, I have to give a good natured rib at the fosstodon admin recommending non-foss software πŸ˜‹.

@kelbot @_mark mwahahaha! I’m a pragmatist. Does it require Google services? I don’t have any google services on my phone, and Authy works just fine.

@kev @_mark :-D I looked it up in the yalp app and it lists it as uses GSF. I have an app I download from there that uses GSF and it works but gives me an error when I open it saying it can't find them. Haha.

@kev @_mark Either way I prefer andOTP because it is really well done and I can manage the updates in fdroid.

@kev @kelbot Very true, I didn't mention FOSS, just no google services.

My first goto was Authy but I can't get it to work on LineageOS; it crashes on load because of the lack of Googleness. So now I'm curious why it works for you @kev πŸ€”

If I can't get Authy to work then I'll switch to andOTP. Tried FreeOTP+ but aesthetically it's not as nice.

@kelbot @_mark I’m on iOS, so that’s probably why.

@_mark AndOTP is the way to go. It's well written, provides nice features like OpenPGP encrypted backups and can simply be integrated with KDEconnect.

@_mark I'm using , works nicely here. Haven't tried other apps yet, though.

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