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A little later than planned, @ubuntupodcast S12E07! We discuss ubuntu.social , OnePlus , tons of #ubuntu community news, other news and some thanks for Bitfolk for hosting the show! <3


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In case you missed it, there's a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Play.

It's called F-Droid and only includes free open apps that don't track you:


The installation process is slightly complicated, but once it's been installed it's extremely easy to use.

You can also follow F-Droid on here at:


#AppStores #GooglePlay #Alternatives #FDroid #Huawei #DeleteGoogle #Privacy

@tom79@mastodon.social why does FDroid and GPlay store have different version numbers for ?

Are they the same app release or is the FDroid one lagging behind on updates?

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Any chance to follow twitter handles from here?
Need to follow a couple for work related stuff and didn't want to create a twitter account again.

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DeleteFB, github.com/weskerfoot/DeleteFB

A Selenium script to delete all of your Facebook wall posts.

It's never too late to leave Facebook. Leave it, now.

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Clearing out old cds and came across these. RedHat 5.0 was my first distro. The Ubuntu disk is reversible with 32bit on the other side.

Exclusive: Win a trip to Germany by mapping undermapped regions with

Did you know there are more than 400,000 places which are yet to be mapped in the popular open-source data tool ? This means there are more than 400,000 places on the planet which are …

geoawesomeness.com/humanitaria - 2/2

For a great cause. If you're not going to run a project please consider helping an existing one - 1/2

Just found this interesting site showing alternative services for many of the Google ones.

Might be useful if you are ing:


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@purism Thx for this blog post. I would really appreciate it if you put a notice into Librem social that it is a fork of Tusky. Here is our opencollective in case you want to support the Tusky team opencollective.com/tusky

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One price. One account.

- Encrypted email
- Encrypted chat (+voice & video)
- Social Network

No ads. No tracking. The way it should be.


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Canonical & Dell want to give everyone the best experience on #Ubuntu, especially when you're developing software. Help us better understand how you use Ubuntu. This survey is open until 31/5 to gather feedback & results will follow shortly afterwards. bit.ly/2LCibg6

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Powerful Ted Talk about the effect Facebook had on the Brexit vote.

Glad I deleted my account and block ads!


Crossing jobs off the list feels great!

Enable CloudFlare for NAS - ✅

Test backup solution including restore 😉 for NAS - ✅

Next to do, ensure all locations are backed up before migrating all cloud data in-house

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Ok folks, the are now ready. We have a _very_ limited number for this initial run of stickers. If we get enough interest, we will get more.

Order your stickers here: hub.fosstodon.org/stickers

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Do you want your #git repos to be hosted by this company that nukes things (Soapbox, Spaces, lots more... latest one below) when it's not profitable anymore? #deletegithub
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