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I have a 24” 1080p LED monitor I would like to gift to someone in Berlin who needs it but can’t afford one.

RT appreciated

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If you need to block TikTok on your network, you will also need to block:


They are using DNS over HTTPS (DoH)- to bypass content filters.

If there wasn't enough reasons to hate TikTok before...

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@vitSkalicky each to their own. It would be a very boring world if we all liked/wanted the same thing. 😊

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@aral Yes! Yes! Yes! This is key! So many projects ignore design and pick horrible defaults. In many cases the developer designs the interface as an external representation of their internal code (I'm looking at you iptables and tc). If you understand the code then it makes sense, otherwise *shrug*.

Good design requires empathy. You must think of how someone else would approach your software without understanding the code. If your defaults make a user shoot themselves in the foot, it's a bug.

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CleanBrowsing DNS service review

"CleanBrowsing seems to check all the right boxes. It offers a well-performing DNS with lots of useful options to help you filter the Internet. Not only can you create fine-tuned custom filters, the Policies feature helps you tailor them to specific devices for more effective rollouts.

The fact that all this functionality is available in an affordable package makes CleanBrowsing our favorite premium DNS service. "


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Product direction from Mozilla:

"...this decision allows us to sharpen our focus on experiences like Mozilla VPN, Firefox Monitor, and Firefox Private Network."

VPN, VPN (through CloudFlare's) & EOM of haveibeenpowned?

Where is the Mozilla we used to love?

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Well this is refreshing..don't think I've ever been to a site that recommends using an adblocker. Awesome! Way to be!

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@_failsafe Wasn't thinking on anyone in particular to be honest (could be a resolver or auth DNS).

We just need more people (or groups of people) hosting their own stuff - and helping decentralize all aspects of the Internet.

We need less of Google, Apple, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook.

I am still dependent on them, but trying to slowly migrate away what I can.

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For my birthday, I bestow upon thee, a picture of me flipping burgers with a hand saw

*when you're grilling and forget the spatula but, you have a saw

Obligatory hashtag about 'MERCA....

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Does it drive any one else nuts when you here the "Ping" of a notification on some platform on your machine, but you have visual notifications off.. so you have no idea what platform to associate the sound to?


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Every couple of days I have to systematically go through and close about 50 / 60 tabs in two different browsers... After every purge event, I tell myself.. "Why, Tony.. why.. never again..".. and yet, 3 days later there I am, purging my browser tabs again...

Hi, my name is Tony and I have a browser tab problem...

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The first of a series of steps... deleting facebook.. any one else still use it on this platform?

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Holy crap, google is apparently taking down all/most fediverse apps from google play on the grounds that that some servers in the fediverse engage in hate speech. At least three apps I know of anyway and I'd imagine the others will follow soon under the exact same reasoning.} Seems to be the case with Husky, Fedilab, and "subway" tooter.

this is a scary precedent if google play is going to ban any apps that can in any way be used to access content with hate speech. So what about a forum client, do they take that down just because there is a forum somewhere on the internet posting hate speech?

This is particularly worrisome because for most people Google Play is the only way they understand to install apps at all.

Picture attached of one of the notices received by fedilab.

@fedilab @tateisu #fediverse #mastoadmin #freespeech #censorship

Also on the subject of , check out this company and their routers that help solve bufferbloat with minimal interaction (or understanding) on the end-user’s part: And for more advanced users, I definitely recommend in . Check it out!

If you’re not familiar with and what it means for your internet connection, you should look it up. Dave Täht has spent many years educating others on bufferbloat. Check out this post and video for some great info:

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Who led the digital transformation on your company?


*not mine, but had to share :)

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If you are looking for content filtering - either for compliance (CIPA, etc), additional security or personal use, this is a good read:

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@_failsafe Sure. One of my favorites was Oberon. The devs created a full blown OS to use as an IDE. I later wrote a paper on it, and turned it in for credit in both my operating systems and programming languages classes. Two assignments for the work of one!

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