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What's something that other people in the technology sphere think is alright, but that you find incredibly cool?

For me it's virtual machines. Practical applications aside, just the fact that I can have a computer inside a computer is so fun.

I didn't know that, thanks.
I am reading up on the whole topic right now and your post was a good starting point.

@Stellar @samgai
Ever taken a look at Germany? We have a little problem here, not consisting of edgy kids but actual adults...

What is a good place in Germany to order books from, in order to support the author and not big monopolies?

Yeah, I know. I stop using it in all the conundrum, where Dilyn (is that the rught Dilyn?) came back and made all the radical changes. I was a bit to lazy to adapt my workflow to it, or maintain a whole X11 repo, so I stoped using it for a while, but decided to take a look again.

For now, neither. I just had enough time to install the base system and fix my boot problems. I'll try out wayland, because I wanted to check that out anyway, but if it doesn't work I'll try and see if I can get X11 working.

Installed KISS Linux on my new SSD today. Also sorted out my boot issues and clean up all the different bootloaders that got installed over time.

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« Meet the Self-Hosters, Taking Back the Internet One Server at a Time. Tired of Big Tech monopolies, a community of hobbyists is taking their digital lives off the cloud and onto DIY hardware that they control » 👌

Thanks anyway. It might have just gone over my head, I didn't look at the boot process that close before

Ah alright. Thanks for the explanation. That sounds rather practical. Might start to use this. TIL

Thanks for the tip, but I think I don't quite get it, could you elaborate?

I have Linux and Windows on that drive and it only finds the Windows bootloader. How would I go about positioning the EFI file, and does it even make sense in that context?
And did I get that right? GRUB generates EFI-entries replacing positioning the EFI file in the right place?

Yep, completely gone from the BIOS menu. The only thing there is the windows bootloader

I want to try and use one of them with a 433MHz sender as a remote and the other might replace my beefier RaspPi 4 as a bluetooth receiver/spotifyd server for the livingroom.

Both are my HDD's, not my boot-SSD with Windows and my two Linux partitions.
Turns out, that two from my six SATA ports on the motherboard died in the process of screwing in a SSD... I don't know how, but at least it seems like that.
Connected my boot-SSD to a working port and voila, we are booting. But of course only into Windows, I have no f***ing clue, where GRUB disappeared to. Wanted to install a new Linux tomorrow anyway, why not also install a new bootloader

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Tried to install my new M.2 SSD right now. Should have been an easy job right? Just pop it in, screw in the screw and done.
But noooo, of course not. Turns out, my screw is missing.
After trying to get a screw out of a laptop HDD, I decide to break it's PCB to get the screw out (didn't need that drive anyway). That works, it fits, the SDD is in place.
I try to boot. Long dark and than, BIOS. Hmm.
Try to reboot, again BIOS. Only two out of my 3 SATA drives get recognized.

Relatable. Thinking about buying some RaspPi 0's

It doesnt use the location on android either, it's just proximity measuring using BLE or something like this falls under the location service.

I would totally advocate for keeping it off, tho my country uses the "corona contact tracing germany" app, which required location services.
And I really think, that this app is useful and trust it, because it survived a lot of security audits, is fully open source and, at least this variant, free from google services.

Thinking about buying the "How to destroy surveillance capitalism"-paperback. Did anyone read this book and would lile to share his opinion on it, if it is worth it?
I know I could read it for free on the internet, but I prefer an actual book.

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