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Given how open source is everywhere, it's useful to know how open source licences work. Luckily, a rough mental model is not too difficult to form. I'll sketch one out in the replies to this post.

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IT-Adventskalender für Lehrkräfte

Tag 1: Mit einer Grafik zum IT-Experten!

Wir IT-affine Menschen machen auch nichts anderes. Keine Magie, kein Hexenwerk, einfach dieser Verlauf. :blobfoxmeltsob:
Ausdrucken und neben den PC hängen. Fertig!

#lehrerzimmer #lz #lehrer

Quelle: Übersetzung von 9gag.com/gag/a3Mbnmm

I am doing it together with my roommates. It is fun. Did the the first one together and later looked at other peoples solutions and were in awe^^

I read that way to often the last two weeks...

For someone, to whom his friends turn to if they need someone to talk, I am not that good at sharing my own worries...

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Golfing day 1 in 05ab1e



Oh well, sorry about that^^
Hey, thanks for you feedback, I'll keep it in mind.
I kinda wanted to paint such a picture, but maybe not as dark as it came out to be.

I wrote a blog post about "Is privacy dead?" and I am not 100% happy with it, tho I can't pin point what bothers me, but it has been sitting in my drafts for a while, so I just wanted to publish it.
I would really appreciate some feedback.


Yeah, I was thinking Signal too, but their newest move of making part of their code proprietary, I am not that sure anymore, but would probably go that route for most people.
I got my closer family on matrix already, for the other folks, we will see

I'll at least try to get them to switch at the same time. Yeah, I get that, but I still have hope^^

Thinking about making the jump and uninstall WhatsApp.
I'll think a bit more about it, and then maybe I'll do it.
Let's see if I can get some of my friends to use Signal or Matrix.

And using Whatsapp is a pretty big stain on my privacy-vest

I bought the Micro Science Fiction book from @MicroSFF, and after reading a few quotes directly one after another, I am thinking about reading one a day and reflect on that, figure out what I think about it and try to find something behind the curtain.
I'll maybe even write a blog post about some.

Unplanned stream, debugging a bit on and trying to get colored output working for the prompt.
Come and say hi at twitch.tv/zenomato

Thinking about streaming me setting up a Garry's Mod server

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Reading "Blindsight" by Peter Watts. Great read so far. 79 pages and counting.

"(...) space travel implies enlightenment, for it requires the control of great destructive energies. Any race that can’t rise above its own brutal instincts will wipe itself out long before it learns to bridge the interstellar gulf."

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On the topic of the whole GitHub-being-down debacle, what sites would you guys suggest for sharing code? It also needs to be a place that people will actually use.

Suggestions that aren't allowed:
- Codeberg (they force licensing by sham organizations)
- Gitea (I have nothing but petty reasons for this so I won't get into it)
- Sourcehut (actually very good and I've used it in the past but genuinely feel bad not paying for it)
- Sourceforge (there are honestly too many issues with it to list)

But like, isn't thay GitHibs fault and not Minecraft? I mean, both owned by Microsoft, but still

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