Instant ramen at 1:30^^
I really like living with my flatmates

I found this super cool ANSI-Art on this interesting article[1] about the linux demo scene.
It is now my terminal greeter.
In general, the demo scene is pretty badass


Sometimes you just gotta go to your favourite place and listen to some good music. To everybody out there who needs this: I am glad you are there :)

Did some today with two friends. Saw some very cool sceneries and places. It was really fun and interesting.
I really love the aesthetic of ruins reclaimed by nature.

Starting with C again, with this new book I got gifted for my birthday. Doing this outside and the weather is beautiful.
I have to fix my Pinebook Pro, otherwise I could learn with some practical examples.

Got my installation up an running. Now I only need to package mpd and mpc for a solid alrounder setup.

Fun fact about me, my name, together with 10,932,295 other peoples names, are engraved on a platter on the Perseverance mars rover:
Attached as an image is my "boarding pass", with my name blurred.

My dwm now works. Was quite a hassle to apply the anybar patch and everything related to it, but I am quite happy how it turned out.

So, today I got my knife, so I started cooking. It was one of the first bigger things that I cooked and it turned out quite well. Would change some things the next time around tho.
Made this:


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