Yesterday I was able to repay part of the debt I owe to the opensource community. A few months ago I needed help scripting my statusbar and some kind soul from across the globe took a few hours of his time over two days and helped me. A guy he didnt know.
So a few days ago somebody wrote me that he saw my startpage and he asked if I could help him to display a rss feed on his, because he doesnt know js, and so I did.
So to quote on of my favorite story's on reddit: "Today you, tomorrow me"

I have some problems with sitting straight, so I wrote a script for my statusbar, which reminds me every 15 mins to sit straight.
Low and behold, I have the feeling it helps👍

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Worth noting that #PeerTube is still fundraising to get livestreaming implemented. They're half way there and in this day and age where Google censors anything that could offend their advertising customers & having something on video practically means the difference between it happening or not - it is perhaps more important than ever to have a decentralized video platform anyone can use.

Even a few bucks moves us closer to the goal.

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COVID, death in the family, mh- 

And another family member looks like they're not going to make it. That will bring the family COVID-related death toll to 5

So yeah. Please stay home when you can. And wear a fucking cloth or surgical mask over your nose and mouth, keep physical distance between yourself and others, and otherwise help keep this thing from spreading faster.

So, a few weeks ago I was looking around on my server.
After some snooping around in the different directorys I get to /etc/nginx and realize, there is nothing. No nginx configs. I was wondring, but it is running right?
So I check and it, indeed, is running.
So I was thinking, lets see how long it will continue to works (there was nothing critical on this server, so no problem there) and it turns out, a few weeks. It finally stopped working and I redid the configs.
Everything back online now.

I dont have respect for people who walk alone and listen to music with their speaker. You have no fucking excuse to not use headphones!

I am thinking about buying a used t440p off of ebay and then upgrading it. Like better RAM, SSD instead of HDD, the 9 cell battery, better screen and so on.
I mainly want to use it on the go and in school.
Yes I know he is a bit thick, but still thinner than my current one.
Do you guys think this is a good idea or do you have some other recommendations.

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I met a Chinese trans woman yesterday, and her opinion on China's social credit system was "It's not a problem if you're not doing anything wrong".

When I asked what she thought about journalists being given a low score due to reporting on politicians, she said "It's not really a problem, since we have a one-party policy anyway".

Fucking terrifying.

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Recently I had a discussion with a friend, saying he doesn't care whether Google et a. got his data or not. What should they do? He would not be of interest to them.

Although I'm privacy-aware, I'm bad at such discussions. I argued with annoying advertisement, which he rejected with "I just won't pay attention to that". Fair point, though someday ads might be more intrusive.

He does not violate law, he is no activist. Arguing with corrupt governments would be a stretch. What would you say?

Hello everybody.
I tried Mastodon half a year ago, because I really liked the concept of the decentralization and I am trying to get away from the big corporations, but failed miserably, so now I am trying again. I hope this time it makes click in my head.
Somethings about me, I am a 17 year old interested in tech, linux, OSS, servers and coding. I started using linux roughly a year ago and would describe myself as a beginner to intermediate user.
So yeah, thats about it :D


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