i used both of them.
Those two r great, the main problem is u hav to update every week to maintain them, which is so annoying.

Can u suggest a better polished rom?

U dont get it.
i m mentioning about the cylinder which can preserve the mercury fuel.

which metal or ether they use?

can anyone suggest me a polished n original rom for Oneplus 1 ?

no upgrade need


performance tiptop

battery life avg.

Have anyone heard about Mercury fuel?

It can change the world.
No need fossil fuel.
Few drops of fuel boom πŸŽ†magic.

i have schedule
but i dont need that,
i need instant off from any apps or modem firmware setting.
coz my modem r placed at other room.
is there any method avalble?

is there any open source firmware availbale by which i can turn off the tp-link router ?

APP BATTLE : :hyperbola:

Is Fedilab better than Tusky?

buddy. if u r paying for a OS, then whats the diffrnce between IOS n ur paid one?! :thinking_rms:

No one.

all r under progress

I need a complete one.

no upgrade need.like old generation phones when u havnt do upgrade everytime.
it also time consume n annoying also.

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